How do I Choose the Best Folding Coffee Table?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus
Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

When choosing the best folding coffee table, look for ease of movement as well as a stylish appearance. Unlike a folding utility table to use for camping or displaying items at a garage sale, coffee tables should be attractive. The design needn't be fancy, but it should have at least one visually interesting feature whether it's a detailed top or unique legs. The construction quality of a folding coffee table is also important, as you won't want the portable piece to collapse during use.

A locking mechanism to put into place when the table is folded out to prevent it from collapsing is a good feature to have. Read product labels to find the weight capacity for the table. A folding coffee table with a shelf area under the top can help distribute weight better and create a sturdier tabletop if you need some storage for books or other heavy items. If you want to use the folding table outdoors on an uneven surface such as cobblestone or other textured rock, either thick wooden or thin metal legs on this furniture piece may work best. A good teak coffee table that folds can withstand harsh weather outdoors, yet still be stylish enough for indoor use.

If you want to choose a square or rectangular folding coffee table, a textured top can keep it from looking too ordinary. Wooden slats or waffle-like textured squares can add interest to such a classic coffee table shape. For something a little more stylish, consider an octagonal, oval or round folding coffee table; these are available in a range of woods such as teak, pine and mahogany. While the weather-resistant qualities of teak make it ideal for outdoor use, mahogany is most noted for its elegance indoors. Mahogany folding tables can be among the most pricey, but if the wood tones are matched to other home furniture, they are often attractive enough for even the most sophisticated living rooms.

For innovative, modern homes, folding metal nesting coffee tables can be both practical and tasteful. They can be used when entertaining, kept stored together or separated for use in different rooms. For instance, the largest of the three nesting tables might be ideal for a larger couch in a family room, while one of the smaller tables may work with a foldout sofa bed in the den. Two different color tones for the top and legs can create a fun folding coffee table look. Sculpted X-shaped legs that have curves at the bottom or other embellishments can really give these kind of coffee tables a lot of style.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book