How do I Choose the Best Folding Chair in a Bag?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari
Folding chairs may be useful at the beach.
Folding chairs may be useful at the beach.

A folding chair in a bag is a relatively inexpensive piece of furniture that is portable, lightweight, and great for camping trips, sporting events, beach trips, and picnics. Choosing the best folding chair in a bag is not a difficult process; you will need to simply consider your needs, your budget, and the quality and comfort of the chair. The bag, too, should be examined for quality and ease of use, and you should be sure to test out the folding chair in a bag before purchase to find the most comfortable model with the features you want and need.

Folding chairs may be useful on a picnic.
Folding chairs may be useful on a picnic.

Some models of folding chair in a bag have extra features such as foot rests or canopies. These features will add weight to the unit, but they can also add comfort and convenience. A canopy is a great choice for a trip to the beach, and you will be able to find shade protection from the intense beach sun when you need it by simply flipping the canopy into position. Be sure to choose a canopy that is adjustable and easy to use. A footrest is another great feature that adds to the comfort of the chair, but keep in mind that it can sometimes be cumbersome when not in use. Most folding chairs do not feature removable footrests, though it is possible. If you find one with a removable footrest, be sure to examine how easy the process of removal and installation is.

High-quality materials are important when choosing a folding chair in a bag. The frame of the chair should be made from aluminum, which is lightweight and generally strong. Avoid plastic frames if possible, and if you think you may need a stronger chair, consider one with a steel frame. These do not compact as well as aluminum and the chair will be heavier, but the chair will also be able to handle more weight.

The fabric should be easily compacted, waterproof, and durable. Most folding chair in a bag models are made from nylon or polyester, and the bag is made from the same material. Be sure the material can be cleaned easily with a damp towel, and be sure all the stitching is solid. Double stitching is preferable for strength, but keep in mind that chairs with double stitching may cost more. The investment will be worth it, however, especially if the user is heavy-set; be sure the bag, too, is double stitched for strength while carrying the chair, and be sure the bag features a shoulder strap that will make carrying easier.

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@ocelot60- The old sayings "you get what you pay for" is true in most cases, including when it comes to the price of bagged folding chairs.

A few years ago I found some of these chairs at a discount store for less than 10 dollars each. I was excited to come across such a deal, so I bough several of them. Though I had opened them in the store to inspect them before I bought them, I did not sit in them. I was surprised at how flimsy they felt when I got them home and sat in them. However, I figured that since I paid such a low price for the chairs, they would serve their purpose.

As summer went on and I took my bagged folding chairs on camping trips and to family outings, the material began to fall apart. By the end of summer, the structural parts of the chairs were bent, and the chairs has lost their original shapes.

The bottom line is that you should spend a little more money for bagged folding chairs to get products that will last. Also, you should sit on them in the store to try them out before buying them to get an idea of their sturdiness.


I found a good deal on folding chairs in bags, but I was wondering if the price is too good to be true. I'd like to hear from anyone who has experience with the price of these types of chairs and quality.

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    • Folding chairs may be useful at the beach.
      Folding chairs may be useful at the beach.
    • Folding chairs may be useful on a picnic.
      Folding chairs may be useful on a picnic.