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How Do I Choose the Best Flute Stand?

Anna B. Smith
Anna B. Smith

To choose the best flute stand, musicians should purchase one that is designed from metal and provides adequate leg length to support the weight of the instrument placed on top. This type of device may also feature more than one support peg for musicians who play multiple instruments. Light weight collapsible stands may be found for those who travel a great deal, and must transport their instrument and stand quickly and efficiently between locations.

A flute stand is designed to hold a flute upright when a musician is not using it. The stand itself is typically constructed of three extended feet that support a long, central pole. The flute can then be placed upright over the pole without damaging the external keys or scratching the silver body.

Man playing a guitar
Man playing a guitar

Consumers can begin by examining the construction of the legs which support the overall flute stand. These pieces should be designed from metal and provide rubber feet that create traction and prevent the scratching of floor surfaces. Plastic legs tend to cause the stand to overbalance once an instrument is placed on top, and cannot provide the support necessary to protect it.

The legs should also be somewhat long, as the length in addition to the materials used to assemble it, create added balance for the weight of the instrument. A good measure of leg length is to determine whether they are more than half the height of the central support pole. Some stands are built using round, weighted supports instead of support legs. This type of construction is often suited for use as a home or practice stand, as its weight makes it somewhat unsuitable for travel.

Musicians who play several woodwind instruments should purchase a flute stand with multiple pegs. These stands generally provide up to three additional peg places where clarinets, piccolos, alto flutes, and soprano saxophones may be held beside the musician. A variety of large and small pegs are packed with this type of stand to allow the purchaser to select the appropriate sizing for his instrument needs. Individual pegs are often available for purchase for those who require specialty sizing.

A collapsible flute stand can be beneficial for musicians who travel to perform a great deal. This type of device is designed to fold the individual legs into the primary central support feature. The fully collapsed stand may resemble a long, round tube that can be stored easily inside an instrument carrying case. These items are also typically made of lightweight metal alloys that are both sturdy while in use and light enough to carry in a shoulder bag.

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    • Man playing a guitar
      Man playing a guitar