How Do I Choose the Best Floor Vase?

Solomon Branch
Solomon Branch
Wicker is popular material for a floor vase.
Wicker is popular material for a floor vase.

A floor vase brings an elegant touch to a living room or foyer and can stand alone or with flowers. Finding the right floor vase is largely a matter of personal taste, but quality is also important. Floor vases come in a variety of materials, sizes, and styles, so finding one to match your décor and preference should not be difficult.

Floor vases are usually quite tall compared to regular vases, and are usually labeled large or tall. Large vases are wider and tall vases are thinner. Larger vases can be displayed on their own, whereas taller vases tend to be used to display flowers.

The materials that a floor vase is made of are almost as varied as the styles they come in. Popular materials used are wood, wicker, ceramic, porcelain, glass, crystal, acrylic, clayware, stoneware, bamboo, and metal. Some materials, such as wood, are more suited for display as art, but most can hold flowers and water.

A floor vase are available in a number of styles, but the most familiar ones are probably Asian or Chinese vases. Most are made with porcelain or ceramics and many are covered with lacquer. They offer a classic, elegant feel. Modern designs are also common, and have sleek designs in a variety of colors. Many antique vases are also available in a wide variety of styles.

Cheap vases are available and, depending on how you use them, can last fairly long. Choosing a less expensive floor vase can be a good choice if you are learning how to decorate or want to experiment with different looks. Many of these cheaper floor vases can be purchased online, but warehouse-style stores offer them as well.

Choosing quality is always important. The vase should be sturdy and stand firmly on the floor. If you can, find a vase with a guarantee of quality or craftsmanship. The floor vase should be able to hold water if you plan on using it for live floral arrangements.

You should ask plenty of questions about the materials the floor vase is made from, how it is made, and how it can best used to ensure you are getting a quality vase. If you are unsure of how to make your choice, you can always check with a professional in the field, such as an antique expert or interior decorator. Doing your research can help avoid a costly mistake.

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    • Wicker is popular material for a floor vase.
      By: kornienko
      Wicker is popular material for a floor vase.