How Do I Choose the Best Floor Buffer?

Patti Kate

To select the best floor buffer, choose a machine designed for your floor type. If you have various types of floors in your home, choose a floor buffer that can shine all types of flooring. For versatility, choose a machine that can shampoo, polish, and wax your floors, as well as buffer them. A commercial floor buffer may be bulky and heavy, making it cumbersome to operate, although it is best for buffing heavily scuffed flooring. If you have a large area to clean, choose a floor buffer with a powerful motor.

The best floor buffer may vary based on if it will be used on wood, marble or tile floors.
The best floor buffer may vary based on if it will be used on wood, marble or tile floors.

Some floor buffers are lightweight and portable, making them ideal for buffing smaller rooms. If your floor area is not very large, there's no need to purchase an expensive and powerful commercial floor buffer with all the extras. If however, you have very large flooring areas to buff, you will need a unit with a large solution holding tank. A large tank will offer the convenience of not having to empty and refill while doing one room.

Whatever size buffer you select, look for a machine with sturdy construction. Avoid buying a buffer with cheap plastic housing, as it is liable to crack easily. Also, choose a floor buffer with a long enough cord to reach your entire floor. A floor buffer with a retractable cord is even more convenient. In addition, choose a floor buffing machine with at least two speeds settings.

Some floor buffing machines can be quite noisy when in operation. If you do not want to disturb a sleeping baby or frighten your pets, it's best to choose a floor buffer that operates quietly. Ask for a demonstration of the buffer at your store. If this is not an option, check the packaging to see if the machine offers quiet operation.

Another feature to look for in a floor buffing machine is a non-marking bumper. A bumper will protect your woodwork from becoming marred as you run the buffer along the baseboards. The bumper should wrap all the way around the machine, not merely around the edges.

To save time and money, choose a buffer that contains the necessary brushes you will need. You will probably need at least two brushes, depending upon the tasks you want to perform. Most likely you'll require a shampoo brush and scrub brush. Some floor buffers also come with accessories, such as cleaning solution and buffer pads.

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