How Do I Choose the Best Fingerling Potatoes?

A. Leverkuhn
A. Leverkuhn
Fingerling potatoes.
Fingerling potatoes.

In order to choose the best fingerling potatoes, shoppers need to look at the overall quality of the vegetables, as well as the variety choices and growing methods for these gourmet small potatoes. Fingerling potatoes are small varieties of these high carb tubers, and appeal to many gourmet chefs and others who want to create new ways of using potatoes on menus. Some careful selection will get buyers higher quality and more desirable choices for these specialty food items.

One approach to selecting the best fingerling potatoes is to inspect surfaces for identifying quality varieties. Lower numbers of “eyes” and fewer blemishes or discolored areas often indicate better fingerling potatoes. A harder texture indicates the potatoes are fresher, while softer textures can indicate rotten parts. It’s also important to some buyers to look for potatoes with less attached dirt; some varieties may be prewashed and others may still need to be thoroughly scrubbed to remove dirt and debris.

Other considerations for fingerling potatoes have to do with the growing standards for these foods. Choosing an organic label can lead shoppers to higher-quality potatoes that have been produced according to better standards. The Specialty Potato Alliance, a national American agricultural group, also helps to set standards for fingerling potatoes and other kinds of potatoes. Standards include less use of pesticides and some fertilizer products, as well as natural and nonchemical environments for plants.

In selecting fingerling potato products, buyers can get more quality by evaluating any processing that is done to potatoes before distribution. The best fingerling potato products are minimally processed or not processed at all, but offered fresh for simple and direct cooking. It can be beneficial to search for locally produced fingerling potatoes in order to ensure minimal shelf cycles and a fresher product.

It’s important to note that the visual appeal of certain fingerling varieties may be critical to the decisions of some buyers. One example is the “Yukon gold fingerling,” a variety with a yellow interior and an off-white or tan skin. Other varieties can have blue skins or even orange-tinted hues. Some shoppers will want particular colored varieties for recipes that include a visual component. Some of these varieties may also have their own nutritional properties as well that may be important in the shopping decisions of some.

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    • Fingerling potatoes.
      Fingerling potatoes.