How do I Choose the Best Finger Exerciser?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate

To choose the best finger exerciser, first speak with your physician or physical therapist. He can recommend what type of finger exerciser is best for your needs. Choose your equipment from a source that specifically sells physical or occupational therapy equipment. Decide whether you want a finger exerciser that isolates and extends each finger, or a unit that focuses on strengthening the entire hand and wrist.

A web hand exercise may be beneficial for someone with arthritis in the hands.
A web hand exercise may be beneficial for someone with arthritis in the hands.

A finger exercising device may be anything from therapy putty to a device constructed of plastic. Some may also be ergonomically constructed to fit the curves of your hand. To find the optimal device, you should visit a supply store in person. This will allow you to try various devices out before selecting a model. If you must purchase one online, read the description carefully and most importantly, be sure to buy from a reputable dealer.

You may want to choose a finger exerciser that offers adjustable resistance. This will enable you to adjust the resistance or tension on the device at your own pace. When you feel your fingers have become stronger, you can tighten resistance to make your therapy program more challenging. Also, look for a device that offers system that provides you with feedback as you work your fingers.

As you progress in your hand exercises, you may need to step up your routine. For this purpose, look for a finger exerciser set. This will offer several pieces in varying levels of intensity for increasing the challenge of your exercises. A finger exerciser set may be more expensive, but it may save you the trouble of having to replace each unit as you increase your level.

If you decide to choose a finger exerciser with a built-in finger spring, be sure the springs are well constructed with no defective parts. This type of device should have slip-resistant gripping and feel comfortable in the hand. This type of finger exerciser may also be offered as a set.

For improving your grip and strengthening your fingers and wrist, consider a web hand exerciser. This type of device is generally latex free so it is safe to use for those who are allergic. It is constructed of natural rubber and made to provide flexibility. This type of exerciser will help to improve your mobility and range of motion in the hand and wrist. Those with arthritis or stiff finger joints may benefit from this type of device.

Special types of finger devices are made for exercising the thumb. If you just need to focus on rehabilitation of the thumb, choose a device specifically designed to isolate and strengthen that digit. Some utilize rubber resistance bands attached to a durable plastic frame. Not all of these devices are latex free, so if you are allergic be sure to read the labeling.

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    • A web hand exercise may be beneficial for someone with arthritis in the hands.
      A web hand exercise may be beneficial for someone with arthritis in the hands.