How do I Choose the Best Faux Silk Curtains?

Sheri Cyprus

To choose the best faux silk curtains, it's worth taking the time to find fabric that looks like the real thing. While finding synthetic fabric with all of the qualities of natural silk is impossible, the appearance of the material is all you need when it comes to curtains. Hanging faux silk should look elegant and natural to the eye at least from a fair distance.

Faux silk curtains.
Faux silk curtains.

Too many wrinkles are likely to ruin the look, yet one advantage many synthetic silks have over the natural type is that they can often be wrinkle-free after proper laundering. Always buy good quality faux silk curtains and follow the laundry directions exactly. If you're purchasing the faux silk window coverings online rather in person, ask for a small sample swatch of the fabric, if possible. Take this into the room in which you hope to hang the curtains and hold the piece up to the light to see if it looks elegant or just rather ordinary.

Some types of faux silk curtains may require dry cleaning or hand washing.
Some types of faux silk curtains may require dry cleaning or hand washing.

Natural silk curtains diffuse daylight softly, creating a sophisticated, appealing look. If the faux silk curtain fabric you're thinking of purchasing creates a somewhat similar effect, these curtains are probably a good choice. Make sure the color of the faux silk curtains you select appears elegant in any light, including that from lamps or fixtures. Choosing a garish or unsophisticated color for these curtains can call even more attention to the fact that they aren't natural silk. You don't have to stick with only neutrals such as white or tan, but accent colors such as blue, red or anything else should have a rich, soft-looking appearance.

Although thin, silky fabric can look wonderful in many different windows, some rooms may suit heavier, more textured window coverings. For these types of rooms, you may want to consider choosing heavier faux silk curtains. The best kinds attractively mimic raw silk with random textured lines, or slubs, and a heavy, yet luxurious feel to the curtain fabric. Since both polished and raw natural silks have a unique shine, it's best if you're able to find faux silk curtains with a sheen to them. Avoid an overdone glossy effect though as this isn't likely to give the effect of natural silk.

Cleaning faux silk curtains should be another consideration. Choosing good quality curtains that can be laundered effectively is important so the same effect you started out with can be maintained. Some types of faux silk curtains may require dry cleaning or hand washing rather than machine laundering on the gentle cycle.

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@rundocuri- Don't let the thinness of faux silk curtains fool you, because this type of curtain is good for keeping out drafts. Just be sure to look for material that feels thick and looks opaque when you hold it up to light.


Does anyone know how good faux silk curtains are at keeping drafts out of a home? I have a drafty window that needs a new window treatment, but I don't want to use a material that is too heavy.

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