How do I Choose the Best Family Organizer?

Tiffany Manley

Choosing a family organizer is a very personal and sometimes tricky decision. Each family has its own needs when it comes to the type of family organizer needed. A few things to consider when choosing an organizer for your family are whether you would like a paper organizer or an electronic one, which family member or members updates the organizer and whether you would like a store-bought organizer or one that you can make yourself.

A day planner may be used to record appointments.
A day planner may be used to record appointments.

Each family will have a personal preference in regard to whether they would like to use a paper planner or an electronic version for their family organizer. Some people enjoy carrying a planning notebook around with them and updating it as needed, and others choose to have an all-in-one device such as their smart phone operate as their family planner. Although a paper planner might seem like a great option, keep in mind that aside from each family member checking the planner each day or someone emailing everyone the day’s schedule, a paper planner might not be a very practical option for everyone in the family. Electronic organizers allow each person to add events and appointments to the electronic calendar, which is visible by all family members. Some even allow you to set up email notifications for various family members affected by each event.

Family organizers should be placed somewhere that is easily visible for each member.
Family organizers should be placed somewhere that is easily visible for each member.

A family organizer is only as good as the information put in it, so deciding who updates the family planner is important. Each family member will have events that need to be added to the planner. If using a paper planner, it might be easiest to keep it in one central location, such as a kitchen, and allow each family member to update it as needed. With an electronic planner, each family member can have access to the family account and enter and edit information as needed.

If using a paper organizer, you have the option of either purchasing one or making it yourself. Some people find it best to purchase a planner, and there are many of them on the market. Each one offers something a little different to cater to all sorts of families. Other people think that a store-bought planner does not quite fulfill their needs, so they opt to make one themselves.

Making your own organizer is very easy to do. Many free, printable formats are available online for use in family organizers. After you have prepared all of the necessary paperwork, such as calendars or weeks in review, it can either be placed into a three ring binder or be taken to an office supply store to be bound for a few dollars. This allows for a completely customized family organizer.

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