How Do I Choose the Best Eyelash Salon?

Kathleen Howard

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent fibers attached to a person’s natural lashes. The fullness, quality and durability of your extensions will largely depend on the eyelash salon you choose. To choose a salon, look for one that employs technicians who are trained and certified in eyelash extension application. It is also important to consider the price and flexibility of the salon as well as the level of communication between you and the technician.

Eyelash extensions may be applied at small eyelash salons.
Eyelash extensions may be applied at small eyelash salons.

Professional eyelash extensions are typically applied at full-service beauty salons, spas and small eyelash salons. One of the most important considerations when choosing an eyelash salon is the expertise of the technicians. Eyelash extensions are difficult to apply. Each individual extension must be carefully attached to one of your natural lashes. If you choose to go to an inexperienced technician, your eyelashes may not be as full or durable as you would like.

To make sure you are choosing an experienced salon, ask whether the salon employs certified professionals. Technicians who have completed a training program and received their certification will have typically received the most hands-on training. These professionals will have taken classes in eyelash application, sanitation and technique. Keep in mind that it is possible for uncertified technicians to have taken classes. While certification is preferred, any training is better than a lack of experience.

You also need to evaluate different salons according to the price of their services. The price of eyelash extensions will depend on the salon, location and skill of the extension technician. Before choosing a salon, make sure that you can afford its services. Eyelash extensions generally need to be touched up every two or three weeks. It may not be a good idea to commit to these extensions if you cannot afford the upkeep.

A great eyelash salon should also be flexible. Since these extensions require frequent touch ups, choose a salon with open hours that fit your schedule. Also make sure that the technician schedules appointments according to your individual needs. The frequency of your appointments should depend on how long your extensions last. Scheduling appointments too frequently will be unnecessarily expensive, while infrequent touch-ups might affect the quality and appearance of your eyelashes.

The last consideration when choosing an eyelash salon is communication. Eyelash extensions can be used to create several different looks. Your technician should take the time to discuss this with you and understand the look you are hoping to achieve. Before beginning your extensions, let your technician know whether you want lashes that are thick and dramatic or that appear more natural. To achieve the best results, communication is essential in choosing the right salon.

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I went to a hair salon that advertised eyelash extensions. I thought this would be something neat to try, since my lashes are short and sparse. I found that it is important not to assume that salon staff know how to apply lash extension just because they advertise that they do.

The tech who applied my lash extensions seemed nervous and unsure of herself. It took her hours to apply them. My results were uneven, and the eyelash extensions began falling out within a few days of having them applied.

I have heard that they are salons that specialize in applying eyelash extensions, and that this is the only service they provide. I would definitely recommend that anyone considering lash extensions go to that type of salon instead of one that doesn't specialize in this time-consuming and intricate procedure.


I think that anyone considering this delicate procedure should also look for a salon that appears clean. Having a procedure done close to your eyes is nothing to go into lightly, and a dirty environment could lead to an eye infection.

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