How Do I Choose the Best Eyelash Brush?

S. Gonzales

Choosing the best eyelash brush will depend on what you're looking for in a brush. If you appreciate utility, a dual mini-brush combo tool designed to brush both eyelashes and eyebrows may be for you. If you prefer to have as much control over the brush as possible, a spooly can be the best fit. You can also create your own eyelash brush alternative using old makeup tools that you have at home.

A woman with styled eyelashes.
A woman with styled eyelashes.

The most common eyelash brush is one that also comes with a brush to comb the eyebrows, and is a combination of two mini-brushes attached at one end of the tool — a hard plastic comb and a comb with softer bristles. Many people who buy these types of combs use the hard plastic mini-comb to groom their eyelashes, and the softer comb to style the brows or used during makeup application. While the hard comb can be effective to comb your eyelashes, you should be careful not to poke your eye with it while running it through your lashes. The hard plastic comb part is usually manufactured so that it is clear, which can make using it a little precarious. When choosing a brush of this type, try to find a comb that is dark, so that you'll be able to know where it is in relation to your eye while you're using it.

A woman applying mascara to her eyelashes with a straight brush.
A woman applying mascara to her eyelashes with a straight brush.

You can also invest in an eyelash brush called a spooly to comb out your eyelashes. Generally, spoolies are purchased and used on the eyebrows to separate hair and give the appearance of a more groomed brow. However, they can also be used on eyelashes to separate them and remove eyelashes that are detached or on the brink of falling off. They can be good to use because the brush is often created to resemble the types of brushes that are found on mascara wands, making grooming as easy as applying mascara. If you feel that you need more control over where your brush hits your eyelashes, choose a spooly.

Many eyelash brushes can be purchased at drug, grocery, or department stores. As with any makeup tool, they can be expensive and may require replacing after a while. If you're looking to save money, you can also try a makeup trick that has been used for years by many beauty enthusiasts. Simply find an old mascara bottle, remove the wand, and thoroughly wash the wand with soap and water. Once the wand has dried, you can use it to separate and comb your eyelashes.

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Use a metal teeth brush for separating lashes that have mascara on them. It's powerful enough to really brush and separate the lashes and will remove your excess mascara: just be sure to wash it enough to keep it clean.


@raynbow- The type of eyelash brush that has a comb and brush combo is the best choice for what you need. This beauty tool usually has comb teeth that are set close together, which make it ideal for removing clumps of mascara and keeping eyelashes from sticking together. You can also get one for a cheap price. I have found comb and brush combo tools for as little as one dollar each.


All these different types of eyelash brushes sound effective, but I need one that will do the best job separating my lashes and removing mascara clumps. Any suggestions out there?

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