How Do I Choose the Best Executive Briefcase?

M. Kayo
M. Kayo
Executives in a meeting.
Executives in a meeting.

To choose the best executive briefcase, you should consider the style of briefcase that appeals to you and projects the image you want others to see. An executive briefcase may make you stand out in a crowd and display a certain business status and elegance or convey a more subtle image. While not all people put a lot of stock in the latest style, particularly briefcase styles, many people do regard style as something important. No matter how good an executive briefcase looks or how much it may cost, if it doesn't serve your particular needs or provide the required functions, then it may not be the right one for you. Your particular profession may also have something to do with your selection of a particular style of briefcase.

Consider the latest styles and fashions of executive briefcases before making a final decision. Look at some of the most recent business, style, and fashion magazines to see what types of briefcases are displayed in the articles, product reviews, and advertisements within those pages. Notice the executive briefcases that you see on popular TV shows. You can also ask for executive briefcase recommendations from others who work in the fashion or style industry.

Once you have found the right executive briefcase that works best your particular style, the next step is to determine the functions and features needed. In your mind, go through a typical day, and try to visualize all the places where you will be using your briefcase. Make a detailed list of desirable functions, like a special cell phone compartment, room for an extra set of clothing or shoes, or a removable carrying strap that is comfortable for walking through airports but can be easily removed if needed. The material from which an executive briefcase is made should also be considered. While an Italian leather briefcase may look good, a nylon briefcase, while not as attractive, will likely stand up to just about any sort of stress you may encounter while traveling.

Some executives must carry a particular type of briefcase for the type of work they do or the business they are in. For example, a business executive who carries delicate samples or fragile items in his briefcase may need the extra protection offered by an aluminum or stainless steel briefcase. Some executive briefcases are designed to be carried as a traditional case or as a backpack for those executives who want the convenience of both. If you're in a business or profession where you are always running late and need to get through the security checkpoint at the airport in the shortest time possible, then an executive briefcase that can be quickly emptied and easily inspected is a good choice. Conduct some research on the specific styles, features, and functions offered before making a final decision.

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    • Executives in a meeting.
      By: pressmaster
      Executives in a meeting.