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How do I Choose the Best ERP Software?

Kristie Lorette
Kristie Lorette

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software helps to integrate the different aspects of a business, including marketing, finance, operations, manufacturing and sales. ERP software organizes the management and information process that all the divisions use, and it provides the different areas with access to the same information. Choosing the best ERP software comes down to the needs of the business implementing the software, but there are signs you should look for to determine whether the software is the best one for the business. One thing to consider is whether the software can adapt to growth or other changes in the business or to technological changes within the industry. It can be helpful to find software that you can use for a trial period, so that if you find that it does not suit your needs, you will not be committed to it for the long term.

Start by making a list of the features the ERP software needs to have to meet the needs of the business, such as business invoicing software, database software, point of service (POS) software, billing software, payroll software and other business tools. Search for software with the features on the list. Then conduct a side-by-side comparison of the available software options. Compare pricing along with the features and consider whether it fits into your budget.

Proper ERP software can handle payroll functions.
Proper ERP software can handle payroll functions.

After narrowing the ERP software solutions available, one of the primary ways to choose one is to take the software on a test drive. After the software representative demonstrates how the software works, inquire about whether the company offers a free trial period. Having someone demonstrate how software works can be much different from actually using it. Having employees use the ERP software as they normally would to perform job functions is one of the best ways to choose the best software for your needs.

You also should consider whether the ERP software can adapt to an ever-changing business world. ERP software solutions should be scalable and adaptable to a changing business environment. If you will be implementing the software in a small business, the software should have features that cater to a small enterprise but can adapt as the business grows. If the ERP software is for what already is a big business, then considering adaptability might be more associated with how the software can adapt as technological advances bring new and advanced management options to the business world.

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    • Proper ERP software can handle payroll functions.
      By: Marzky Ragsac Jr.
      Proper ERP software can handle payroll functions.