How do I Choose the Best Ergonomic Computer Chair?

Sheri Cyprus

When you're choosing the best ergonomic computer chair, first look at the base and wheels. The wheels, or casters, should be durable and roll fluidly as well as be attached firmly to five arms, or pedestals. This type of construction typically offers the sturdiest support and best balance. Next, check the lower seat, or pan, of an ergonomic computer chair you're considering purchasing to see how easy it is to adjust. Finally, and most importantly, make sure the chair's seat and backrest are well-padded as well as supportive.

The best ergonomic computer chair should be able to swivel.
The best ergonomic computer chair should be able to swivel.

The lower backrest section of ergonomic seating should support the spine so there is no hollow space left between the small of the back and the chair. For the best possible support, especially if an ergonomic computer chair will have multiple users, choose a model with not only an adjustable seat, but the same feature in the backrest as well. While they may not be that easy to find, ergonomic office chairs with a completely reclining backrest are often worth searching for as these can give the back a chance to be stretched out during breaks. The ergonomic office chair you choose should definitely be able to swivel easily.

An ergonomic computer chair can help prevent slouching and health issues, like neck strain, often experienced by computer workers.
An ergonomic computer chair can help prevent slouching and health issues, like neck strain, often experienced by computer workers.

Models of ergonomic computer chair with an easy to reach lever to adjust the seat height are preferable to the type that can only be adjusted with the user standing. Being able to adjust the seat while seated can make the adjusting process easier as well as more convenient. If you're purchasing the ergonomic chair for multiple users, make sure that even the shortest person will be able to adjust the seat so that his or her feet can be flat on the floor. Also select a chair with a large enough seat so it will be comfortable for every computer user and not dig into anyone's upper thighs, which may interfere with proper leg circulation.

Additional features to consider when buying an ergonomic office chair are an easy clean cover, armrests and a footrest. A footrest for an ergonomic computer chair may help align the whole body better. Ergonomic footrests may not fit under all desk areas, so it's important to consider that before purchasing any of these. Armrests aren't usually used often by computer users, but people who do a lot of online reading while sitting at a desk might benefit from having them. The upholstery fabric cover of the padded backrest and seat of an ergonomic office chair should be durable and easy to keep clean.

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My work place with to ergonomic office furniture years ago and we have fewer complaints about wrist and neck pain and fewer complaints about discomfort in general. If you use a computer then ergonomic keyboards are a must have. They are as effective as the ergonomic desk chairs and the ergonomic computer at preventing body soreness and pain.


I have read that some chairs are advertised as ergonomically designed, but they are not really that good at helping improve your posture or helping support your body in the proper way. These ergonomic chairs are too expensive to purchase one and then find out it isn't really what it claims to be. Do your research.


My girlfriend bought a used ergonomic desk chair. She saw a classified ad at a website online and got a really good price on the chair. The lady she bought it from didn't show my girlfriend how to operate the chair. She just told her the chair worked, and my girlfriend sat in it and thought it was fine.

Once she got the chair home, she decided she needed it adjusted so it would be lower. I lowered the chair for her, and locked it in place. That was the last time we were able to adjust the chair. It seems like you need an advanced degree to operate some of these chairs.

If you purchase an ergonomic chair be sure to get the sales person to show you how everything works, and make sure you hang on to the instructions or directions for use.

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