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How Do I Choose the Best Entryway Tables?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Start choosing among entryway tables by measuring the entryway in which you intend to place the table. You will need to take accurate measurements of the space to ensure you do not buy a table that is too large for the space, thereby blocking a pathway or causing damage to the table itself. Once you have carefully measured the space, determine the largest dimensions the table you are considering can have without interfering with the use of the door or blocking normal walkways through the space. Narrow down your search by eliminating tables that are too large for the space or too small for your needs.

Once you have determined your space limitations, decide what style of entryway tables you want to consider. It may be helpful to start by determining what type of materials you want to be used to construct the table. Different types of wood are commonly used to build entryway tables, though other materials such as certain metals and even glass can be used to construct the table. Wood will give a more traditional look, and added decorative flourishes are more likely on a wooden table because wood is easier to work with at construction than some other materials.

Tables could be used to keep a large entryway organized.
Tables could be used to keep a large entryway organized.

Consider what you will place on or in the entryway tables you are considering as well. If you plan to place a heavy plant or fragile piece of artwork such as a sculpture on the table, you will need to make sure the table is exceptionally sturdy and strong enough to hold the weight of these objects. If, instead, you plan on using a drawer in the table to hold keys and sunglasses only, the table will not need to be overbuilt and can actually be much smaller than other table varieties. If you want versatility, choose an overbuilt model so you can place weight on it if you choose.

It is important to determine your budget for purchasing entryway tables. The price of a table can vary significantly according to the materials used, the manufacturer or brand name, the size of the table, and the additional features. Antique tables will undoubtedly cost more than modern tables, and they will also require more maintenance to prevent damage from moisture or impacts. Some woods and metals will be more expensive than others; teak and cedar, for example, are woods that are naturally beautiful and resistant to water damage, but they are also more expensive than other woods that may require treatments and protection from damage.

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    • Tables could be used to keep a large entryway organized.
      By: Iriana Shiyan
      Tables could be used to keep a large entryway organized.