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How Do I Choose the Best Engraved Decanter?

Alex Newth
Alex Newth

An engraved decanter can be used as a gift, a centerpiece, or as a way for a restaurant to display its logo. The best engraved decanter will depend on its material, its color, whether custom or stock engraving is needed, and its size. Engraved decanters are generally made for wine, other alcoholic beverages and liquors, and water, but there also are some available for hot beverages such as coffee.

The most common materials for decanters are glass, crystal and silver. All three can be engraved, and all three are both functional and decorative. The primary difference is that glass is usually slightly thinner and not as hard, crystal is more durable, and silver is hard and not transparent. Despite these slight differences, the decanter’s material is usually a matter of preference.

Glass is one of the most common materials for decanters.
Glass is one of the most common materials for decanters.

The color of the decanter is important for its presentation. Decanters are generally transparent so the liquid inside can be seen. Some decanters — those made of glass or crystal — can also be given color. Silver decanters have a lustrous shine and do not come in other colors. Picking the best color for the decanter should involve taking into consideration the decor of the room in which the engraved decanter will be used or thinking of the psychological impact the color should have on guests and others sitting at the table.

Engraving comes in two main varieties, stock and custom. Stock engraving would involve purchasing a decanter that already features a monogram or word. This type of engraving is generally cheaper but may not be suitable. If a logo or special symbol is needed, then stock engraving will not be appropriate.

Custom engraving is when the decanter is engraved to order. This allows the decanter to have a restaurant’s logo or a special message that cannot be found with stock engraving. Custom engraving tends to be more expensive and will take several days or longer to complete. If a decanter is needed immediately, or if a tight budget has to be taken into consideration, a custom engraved decanter may not work.

Engraved decanters need to be appropriately sized, both for the table and for the amount of liquid stored in the decanter. A large decanter on a small table, or with a small amount of liquid, will look odd and will be difficult to wield. A small engraved decanter with too much liquid may spill or may not offer enough wine or water for those sitting at the table. An engraved decanter that fits the size of the event is always most appropriate.

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    • Glass is one of the most common materials for decanters.
      By: caimacanul
      Glass is one of the most common materials for decanters.