How Do I Choose the Best Engraved Compact Mirror?

Tara Barnett
Tara Barnett
A woman looking in a compact mirror.
A woman looking in a compact mirror.

When choosing an engraved compact mirror, it is important to think about the recipient as well as the occasion. There are compact mirrors in different shapes, colors, and materials that can be engraved. The actual message and style used for engraving must be considered as well. Choosing the best engraved compact mirror for yourself requires considering these elements as well as the best mirror overall, as many mirrors of this type are made to be given away as inexpensive gifts during events like weddings.

Many people look for engraved mirrors as gifts, so personalized gift stores often carry this type of item. Several options may be available, but one of the most common designs is a simple silver mirror with a flat surface that can be easily engraved. Round, square, and specially shaped mirrors may also be available. Engraving is usually placed on the top of the mirror, but the underside or inner lid of the mirror can be used as well if the top is decorated or unsuitable.

Another way to choose the best engraved compact mirror is to purchase a desirable compact mirror and have it engraved by a professional. This significantly broadens the selection of compact mirrors available, as you are not limited by the gift store's selection. Antique compact mirrors can be quite beautiful when engraved, but it is important to make sure that the engraver is skillful so that the mirror will not be ruined.

The message used for an engraved compact mirror is an important part of the design of this gift. A personalized message can be used, but a person's name or initials can also be a thoughtful gesture. Sometimes messages relating to the event at which the mirror was given are most appropriate, particularly when the gift is for a close associate. When a large number of custom mirrors are made as favors, these sometimes bear the same message on each mirror. This aspect of the engraving design is largely a matter of personal preference, although customs should be considered.

While text is likely the most common type of engraving, other line art can be placed on an engraved compact mirror as well. Shading typically does not come out well on this type of item, but simple lines can be very attractive. With text, it is important to keep the font that will be used in mind both for legibility and aesthetic sensibilities. While it can be more expensive, handwritten engraving can be a highly personal touch to a gift.

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    • A woman looking in a compact mirror.
      By: Jakub Jirsák
      A woman looking in a compact mirror.