How Do I Choose the Best Dual Fuel Range?

Lori Kilchermann

You can be certain that you choose the best dual fuel range by examining several factors, such as heating capabilities and optional accessories. You might wish to select a new dual fuel range that has sealed gas burners since these are the easiest to clean. In your quest for the best dual fuel range, you also might wish to consider a unit equipped with an electric oven that features convection heating. Many of the home-use ranges have options similar to commercial dual fuel units, such as deep fryers, grilling surfaces, and rotisserie attachments.

Open or sealed burners are just one consideration that has to be made when choosing a dual fuel range.
Open or sealed burners are just one consideration that has to be made when choosing a dual fuel range.

Many professional chefs and aspiring amateur cooks prefer the cooking abilities of a dual fuel range over those of electric or gas-only versions. With a dual fuel range, the gas range is typically preferred for its instant heating ability as well as the infinite flame control of a gas burner. The electric oven tends to heat more evenly without cool or hot spots typical of a gas oven. With the added convenience of a convection unit, the warm air circulating through the electric oven cooks more speedily and thoroughly than most other types of oven and might be the best choice if you do a lot of cooking.

Cooks who prepare many large meals — as well as cooks who rarely prepare a large meal — may prefer a dual fuel range that also includes a microwave oven option. This can often be of great assistance when needing to warm a side dish. As you search for the best range, you may also want to consider asking about options such as a griddle, a grill top, and a deep fryer. All of these options can be had on several different dual fuel range models. Some manufacturers will occasionally provide discounts on heavily-optioned appliances, making the well-equipped model as affordable as a lessor-equipped version.

Other methods of comparing and contrasting different types of appliances is to compare the size of the oven, the warranty, and the heating power of the burners. Gas ranges are commonly rated in British thermal units (BTUs), and the higher the BTUs of a range, the hotter it will get. This translates into quicker cooking times, more heat to sear meats or boil liquids, as well as improved braising in the oven. In your search for the best unit, you may wish to select a dual fuel range with the highest available BTU rating.

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