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How Do I Choose the Best Drum Hoops?

A. Leverkuhn
A. Leverkuhn

Those who want to choose the best drum hoops should understand the variety of hoops available for outfitting a particular drum body. The drum hoop attaches to the body of the drum, and holds the drum head in place. Quality is important for these products, and drummers should be able to recognize the various styles and designs of hoops to choose those that best fit a particular percussion set.

One of the most basic choices for drum hoops is their respective rigidity or flexibility. This is something that the individual drummer or musician should think about according to how he or she wants the drums to sound. The best type of hoops for a drum depends on that drum’s build and specific design, along with other factors. Some drums benefit from softer hoops that cause them to stay in tune longer. Other drums require harder drum hoops that will provide more clarity of sound.

Man playing a guitar
Man playing a guitar

To fully understand the difference between hard and soft hoops, the musician should also understand the materials that these items are made from. Many hoops are flanged hoop models that are made from various metals, where the design includes bending these metals at specific intervals to make them round. These flexible hoops are common on many kinds of drums. The more rigid varieties of hoops are often called die cast hoops. Because they are specifically cast, these generally hold the drum head tighter, providing much less flexibility.

It’s also important for drummers and musicians to consider the availability of wooden models. These hoops are made of various quality woods, and can be thicker or thinner depending on their intended uses. One common size for wooden drum hoops is three quarters of an inch (19.05 mm) thickness. One of the best attributes of wooden drum hoops is that they can really accentuate the natural look of a drum body that is made out of wood.

In addition to the overall quality of drum hoops, buyers need to know that the hoops will fit well and comfortably on a specific set of drums. That’s why drum hoops are one item where it helps to be able to inspect the product before purchase. When this is not possible, the return policy, as well as guarantees on satisfaction, can be extremely important for choosing the best drum hoops.

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    • Man playing a guitar
      Man playing a guitar