How do I Choose the Best Driveway Gate?

Anna B. Smith

When purchasing a driveway gate, keep in mind the overall purpose of the gate and fence to which it is attached as well as pricing in order to choose the best one. This type of gate should enhance the intended security of the property and be easily accessible by the owners. It should also fit into the budget set for the project; cost is generally determined by the material of the gate, its dimensions, and its opening mechanism.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Fences are a common means of protecting a property. They are typically designed to meet the specific needs of the properties and buildings which they surround. Industrial buildings may be surrounded by high chain-link fences, which are effective at preventing humans from entering. Agricultural land may be surrounded by barbed wire and mesh fences, which are intended to keep out different types of animals. A driveway gate should match the fence to which it is attached in both function and style.

The most common materials used in driveway gate construction include steel, wrought iron, and wood. Choose the material the best fits the purpose of the gate and fence surrounding the property. The gate material should function to either prevent entry or exit, as the case may be.

The second factor that should be taken into consideration when purchasing a driveway gate is the manner in which it opens. Driveway gates may be automatic or manual. Automatic gates may be triggered electronically from a central building, through the use of an electronic gate code, or via a wireless signal used in a remote device.

The gate opening mechanism should also facilitate the overall purpose of the fence to which it is attached. Manual gates that must be opened and closed by hand are appropriate for use surrounding agricultural properties, as animals are unable to unlatch them. Electronically opened gates provide a higher level of security, requiring either a code or authorization for entrance. These are more commonly used around industrial and commercial properties.

Driveway gates are traditionally between 5 and 6 feet (1.5 and 1.8 meters) in height. They vary in width depending on the needs of the purchaser. Gate pricing is typically determined by the material used in gate construction and its overall width.

It also is important to choose a driveway gate manufacturer with a good reputation for quality gate and fencing products. Many local home improvement stores carry fencing products that are sold by larger manufacturing companies, which also may carry a wider product selection through the Internet. Pricing tends to remain at standard rates between each manufacturing company. Purchasers should thus ensure they do business with a reputable company that provides a limited warranty on its products instead of attempting to look for a price break.

Gates made from aluminum, wood, and vinyl may be purchased from local home improvement stores relatively inexpensively. Automatic openers may be purchased separately and attached to these products by hand. The prefabricated gates, however, typically are also sold in predetermined dimensions and are not customizable.

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Good article. I would also add that anyone looking for a driveway gate may also want to consider an affordable metal art gate plasma cut from steel which can be made into literally any design or scene.


Take maintenance into account when deciding on a particular fence style. A painted or stained fence requires regular attention to keep it looking good and maximize longevity. A bare wood fence is more rustic in style and will age naturally with beauty.

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