How Do I Choose the Best Double-Edged Razors?

Tracey Sandilands
Tracey Sandilands
Using a straight razor can be time consuming.
Using a straight razor can be time consuming.

You can choose the best double-edged razors for your purposes by evaluating your needs, the sharpness and strength of razor you should use and the products that are available on the market. Test those razors that appear to fulfill your requirements for shaving, and make notes about your experiences. After you have narrowed down the list to two or three specific brands of double-edged razors, you will be ready to choose the best razor for you.

The first step in your quest for the best double-edged razor is to investigate the options available. Visit your pharmacy or drugstore and read the statements on the packages for the razors that are available. Compare the prices and the key claims that each manufacturer makes, such as safety, sharpness, the closeness of the shave and the handles.

Most safety razors have an assembly process that involves removing the handle from the head mechanism, replacing the razor in the head and then reassembling the razor. This might be less convenient than disposable razors, but shaving regularly with a straight razor is time-consuming because of the amount of concentration needed for the task. Double-edged razors offer a compromise and deliver a shave almost as close as that of a straight razor.

The blade of a safety razor usually gives between three and 10 shaves before you need to replace it, and the razors typically are available in packs that contain several of them, such as three, five, 10 or even more. The head mechanism requires regular cleaning to avoid rust and corrosion, and it should be stored somewhere dry. Do not try to clean the blade itself, and as soon as you feel the edge becoming dull, you should replace the blade.

Compare the performance of the different double-edged razors that you test. Make a list of your primary criteria, write the name of the blade you are testing, and give a score for the performance of each blade. Record the number of times you use each blade before you need to replace it.

When you have tested the main brands of double-edged razors, examine the scores that you have allocated for each requirement. Compare the results of your testing with reviews of the finalist brands. Most brand-name razors have user reviews that you can find and read online. The two or three safety razors that score the highest should then go through to your final test.

Evaluate the finalists of the double-edged razor experiment once again, evaluating them very carefully against the criteria you set. Make a note of the accuracy of the reviews that you have read to determine their authenticity. After you have completed the process, you will have enough data to support your choice of the best safety razor for your purposes, and you will be sure of the reasons why you prefer it.

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    • Using a straight razor can be time consuming.
      By: Tyler Olson
      Using a straight razor can be time consuming.