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How Do I Choose the Best Divinity Candy?

T. Carrier
T. Carrier

Divinity is a fudge-like and meringue-type confection. Since the process for making divinity is relatively simple, the candy is truly defined by the quality of its ingredients. These ingredients include the following: sugar, corn syrup, vanilla, egg whites, and nuts. If you desire a taste boost, you might consider a divinity candy with a fruit additive or other flavoring. You should also seek divinity candy made in less humid regions, as this atmosphere better facilitates the dry and fluffy texture of quality divinity.

Although making divinity typically just involves stirring, beating, and heating the ingredients, the substance may develop a grainy texture. Good divinity should have a fluffy but outwardly crisp and smooth texture and a matte appearance. If the divinity is homemade, moving the contents between two pans may help prevent an undesirable texture. As for cooking the divinity, the best results can be achieved by using a candy thermometer. In general, divinity is at its peak cooking capacity at the mid-200 degrees Fahrenheit(about 120 degrees Celsius) range.

Divinity candy recipes typically contain table sugar.
Divinity candy recipes typically contain table sugar.

Weather conditions can impact the final output of divinity as well, so you may want to check where your purchased divinity candy is made. Generally speaking, dry regions are ideal for producing divinity. Due to its sugar-heavy content, moisture is readily absorbed by the confection. Therefore, a humid and damp area will be reflected by a damp and runny batch of divinity.

Divinity candies often feature pecans.
Divinity candies often feature pecans.

The ingredients of divinity may need special attention. For example, the egg whites should be prepared at room temperature. In addition, corn syrup comes in both light and dark varieties, but light corn syrup tends to work best with divinity. Likewise, sugar may be available in either powdered or granulated types, with the latter being a divinity fixture. A high-quality vanilla extract can also significantly boost the divinity’s flavor.

Divinity may also be enhanced with several types of additives, depending on your tastes. You may also find divinity candy that contains bits of dried fruits. Further, the base of the divinity itself may be flavored with different sweet tastes, such as strawberry or chocolate. By simply substituting brown sugar for sugar, a spongy treat with a caramel taste dubbed sponge toffee may be created.

Since nuts are the main extra component in divinity candy, your preferred nut choice may contribute greatly to overall taste. Pecans are a popular choice, as they have a soft texture and a somewhat buttery taste that works well with divinity candies. For a harder texture and a more intense taste, you might opt for chopped walnuts. Other options might include almonds and peanuts.

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I say go with the ingredient list. You don't want a bunch of preservatives or other junk in divinity. Sugar, corn syrup and vanilla should be the main ingredients. Stay away from anything that has gelatin or something along those lines.

These ingredients can give divinity a very odd flavor that isn't exactly what most people are looking for in their "homestyle" candy. They're meant to make the candy last longer and come "set" -- or firm up -- but the end result is that the candy tastes strange -- very much like its plastic packaging. Unless, of course, you like the taste of plastic.

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    • Divinity candy recipes typically contain table sugar.
      By: bit24
      Divinity candy recipes typically contain table sugar.
    • Divinity candies often feature pecans.
      By: eAlisa
      Divinity candies often feature pecans.