How Do I Choose the Best Disposable Platter?

Lainie Petersen

If you need a disposable platter for a meal or event, consider the number of guests whom you will be entertaining, the types of food that you will be serving, and the formality of the event. Other things to think about include the decor or theme of your event, your budget, and whether you have any concerns about whether the disposable platter you choose is recyclable. Many grocery and party stores will have several types of disposable platters to choose from, but you may also want to look online to find additional styles or to purchase platters in bulk.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Carefully review your party menu prior to purchasing serving dishes. You will want to match the type of food and your desired food presentation to the material and design of a specific disposable platter. For example, if you choose to serve raw vegetables with dip, you will want to purchase a disposable platter that contains sections for each vegetable along with a center section for the dip. If the food that you will be serving is semi liquid or topped with a sauce, you will typically want to choose a disposable platter that is made from plastic, as paper platters will likely disintegrate and leak under such foods.

It is often possible to purchase a disposable platter that has been decorated in a theme that matches the focus of your event. For example, if you are hosting a wedding shower, you may be able to find platters printed with a wedding-related pattern or design. If the event is more formal, you may be able to locate platters that are made from metalized plastic. You may also wish to consider a disposable platter made from bamboo. Not only is this an ecologically sound choice, but bamboo is quite attractive and can be suitable for both formal and informal events.

Some types of disposable platters include a lid component. A lidded platter can be extremely useful if you must prepare food ahead of time and want to keep it fresh for the event. These lids are often clear so you can quickly identify the food that is on the platter during event set-up. Another advantage to using lidded platters is that they can simplify clean-up and food storage after an event. Instead of having to transfer leftovers to bowls or other containers right away, the trays can be recovered with a lid and then refrigerated.

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