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How Do I Choose the Best Digital Toaster?

Norma Jean Howland
Norma Jean Howland

When you are shopping for a digital toaster, you will probably want to think about style, size, and the various options the appliance offers. These toasters come in different designs, from sleek to retro, in materials like plastic, glass, or stainless steel. Consider the color and contrast of the digital display, as it should be easy to operate and read. You may also want a toaster with extras, like a light emitting diode (LED) countdown timer that rings to alert you when toast is ready. If you enjoy the latest electronic gadgets, investigate an unusual, futuristic type toaster that is able to burn pictures or news headlines onto your toast.

A digital toaster is similar in many ways to a regular toaster, but it may have some options that your old toaster doesn’t. Most digital toasters offer standard items like crumb trays, but they may have a non-stick coated surface. Other options may include timers that sound when the toast is ready, multi-setting defrost, and one-sided toasting for bagels. Some offer cool-touch side walls and an automatic safety shut-off to prevent overheating. The toaster may also have a pause button, allowing you to answer a phone call without burning breakfast.


A variety of digital toaster designs, from rectangular, contemporary, thin appliances to video cassette shaped toasters that eject toast, are available. The digital displays also differ from toaster to toaster, and the backlit LED controls may be blue, orange, or white. The toaster may come in colored plastic, brushed stainless steel, shiny chrome, or clear glass, allowing you to watch your bread become toast. Another toaster comes in a matte black finish with a side non-stick cup for cooking an egg.

If you like to own the latest electronic appliances, a toaster that burns images, text, or headlines into your bread might be a good choice. These unique digital toasters will burn pixilated images onto your bread, similar to the way a dot matrix printer works. You hook the toaster up to your computer and download whatever you decide to toast, such as a newspaper article or a picture. Another version of this digital toaster has a writing board for messages that can be burnt onto your toast. This kind of toaster not only leaves a note for early morning guests but may become a conversation piece during breakfast.

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