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How Do I Choose the Best Deodorant Containers?

Sherry Holetzky
Sherry Holetzky

With the popularity of homemade health and beauty items, not to mention the concerns regarding some ingredients in mass-produced hygiene products, it comes as no surprise that some people have taken up making their own homemade deodorant. Recipes for homemade deodorant are widely available, but you also need something in which to contain your concoctions. There are a number of different types of deodorant containers available, but many other styles of jars, pots, and bottles, will work as well.

Making homemade or all-natural deodorants as well as other types of health and beauty products has become a very popular endeavor. The urge to do so may be related to unease regarding an increasing number of issues associated with deodorant products from things such as health issues and environmental issues to cost conscious consumers’ concerns over high prices. If you do choose to make your own deodorant, there are some things you will likely want to keep in mind as you choose between different types of deodorant containers. Size, cost, style, and the materials from which the containers are made are some of these things.

A roll-on deodorant bottle.
A roll-on deodorant bottle.

First, decide which type of deodorant you prefer. If you are more comfortable using a roll-on, you will need to locate an outlet for purchasing roll-on deodorant containers. For stick deodorant or even some types of gel, a simple round container with a lid may suffice. You may need to find some type of device or item to use for applying your deodorant. There are ascending stick designs available as well. This design may cost more than the simple, small canister design, but the convenience may be worth the difference in price.

Deodorants are designed to mask the smell of body odor emanating from the armpits.
Deodorants are designed to mask the smell of body odor emanating from the armpits.

While some simple living sites suggest re-using empty bottles once the original product is gone, this seems to defeat the purpose of avoiding the mass-produced products. It is good to re-use items when possible, but you can not be sure that there is no residue from the product in previously used deodorant containers or that all the questionable ingredients have been removed completely. Because of this, some may consider it better to purchase new, clean deodorant containers.

You can also use clean, glass jars as deodorant containers, and many appropriately sized varieties are available, complete with lids. You can re-use items found around the home for this purpose as well, including using things like clean, empty baby food jars. Other types of food bottles and jars with lids will also work.

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@julies-- I have ordered deodorant containers from a company I order supplies from to make my own soap and candles. I also like to use a deodorant container where you don't have to touch any product and just keep rolling up the deodorant.

You should be able to find containers by doing an online search. I have also seen them at the health food store, but they seemed kind of expensive.

Even when I order them with my other supplies, I usually end up paying around $1.00 for one container. This seems kind of expensive and you end up paying more for the container than you do the product that goes inside.

I am the only one who uses the deodorant stick, so I have no problems rinsing it out good and using it again. I usually only do this once or twice as the roll up part seems to quit working after awhile.


If someone wanted to buy their own deodorant containers where would the best place be to get them?

I have thought about starting to make a lot of my own beauty products, and would love to find the same style of deodorant containers you find in the store.


I have never even thought about making my own deodorant. I am aware of the concerns about aluminum in many of the deodorants, and think it would be a good idea to avoid many of the chemicals.

I love the convenience of using a stick deodorant. It is an easy, no-mess way of applying deodorant. I am not so sure I would want to re-use a container like that.

When I think about how many deodorant containers are in the landfill though, it does make me stop and think about ways you could possibly recycle deodorant containers.


I have made different kinds of homemade deodorant, and it isn't hard to find a container to keep it in. My favorite kind of homemade deodorant is a cream that I just pour into a small glass jar.

You can use any kind of jar, but I like using a glass jar with a lid. It just needs to be big enough to stick my finger in. The jars are also easy to rinse out and use again.

I have been doing this for a long time, and can't remember the last time I bought deodorant at the store.

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    • A roll-on deodorant bottle.
      By: Dmitry Vereshchagin
      A roll-on deodorant bottle.
    • Deodorants are designed to mask the smell of body odor emanating from the armpits.
      By: vladimirfloyd
      Deodorants are designed to mask the smell of body odor emanating from the armpits.