How do I Choose the Best Denim Leggings?

G. Melanson
G. Melanson
Jeggings are incarnations of cigarette pants.
Jeggings are incarnations of cigarette pants.

Also known as “jeggings,” denim leggings were first popularized in the 1980s by heavy metal and punk bands. They made a huge fashion comeback in the new millennium, mostly thanks to celebrities such as Kate Moss and Sienna Miller sporting this slim style. A mainstream fashion trend, denim leggings are available at just about any retailer. The key to choosing the best denim leggings for you depends on a number of different factors, including your body type as well as what you plan to wear with the leggings and your individual style preferences.

If you have a curvy body frame, denim leggings in dark colors such as black or navy blue are the most flattering options for this fashion item, which is mainly constructed to fit bodies with a thin torso and legs. If you’re petite, you should choose Capri leggings or jean leggings that are specially tailored for petite body types; otherwise a large piece of extra fabric at the end of the pant leg will bunch around the ankles. If you have a thin body type and would like to create the illusion of curves, choose denim leggings that have pockets in the front and back, which add extra padding to the hips and backside.

If you plan on wearing chunky footwear with your jean leggings, such as wedge heel shoes or boots, you should choose leggings that feature a zipper at the ankle, as it can adjust the pant leg to fit over footwear. If you plan on wearing your leggings tucked into tall boots, a zipper is not only unnecessary but can also be uncomfortable when tucked into the boot and pressed against the leg. If you intend to wear shirts that are cropped or mid-length with your denim leggings, choose leggings with a moderate to high waist, in order to avoid parts of the stomach spilling out and creating a “muffin top” effect.

If comfort is a high priority in the clothing choices you make, consider looking into denim leggings that feature a high percentage of spandex in the blend of the fabric. Jeans that feature more spandex than cotton are typically more comfortable than those without spandex or less spandex in the blend. They don’t hold the body in as compactly, however, which is what generally gives jeans their slimming effect.

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    • Jeggings are incarnations of cigarette pants.
      By: Elnur
      Jeggings are incarnations of cigarette pants.