How do I Choose the Best Denim Curtains?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus
Denim can be purchased in a variety of color shades.
Denim can be purchased in a variety of color shades.

To choose the best denim curtains for your home, it's a good idea to think of the style that will look the most attractive in the room you want them in. There are many different types of denim curtain style possibilities, from rustic to more traditional. You may want to take the option of making denim curtains or buying them custom or ready-made.

Ready-made denim curtains are commonly available in three main types. The most classic kind of store-bought denim curtain is the traditional, pleated type with an open, hemmed top that a drapery rod fits through. Metal hooks typically connect the top of each pleat with the curtain rod; a newer version of this denim curtain style has metal-trimmed called grommets or eyelets. In some of these styles, hooks are placed through the grommets and then looped over a curtain rail, or rod. In other grommet denim curtain looks, a metal or wood curtain rail is inserted through the metal-trimmed rings.

In general, the grommet type of denim curtain design tends to look more informal than the classic, pleated type. The metal-trimmed rings at the top, the highly visible curtain pole and the soft fabric folds usually create a casual window treatment that offers rooms a lot of informal style. Since denim is also a durable, natural material that tends to wash well, both of these denim styles of curtain are popular in children's rooms.

The third type of commonly sold denim curtain has a wide valance, or topper, section that hangs down. This extra piece of denim may be customized. For example, depending on the room, you could have this piece monogrammed with your initials or embroidered with any kind of motif that will coordinate with your overall interior design.

If you choose to get custom made denim curtains, choosing an all-over embroidered accent is often possible. A white embroidered pattern that creates an almost lace-like look while still allowing much of the denim to show through can give these curtains a fresh appeal. For custom-made denim curtain possibilities, you may want to consider a Roman shade or other type of pull-up fabric blind design. These blind style of denim window coverings can create an interesting, stylized look to your home.

While most denim curtain varieties are dark in color, some are light or bright blue. Typically, the darker the denim curtains, the more formal they look. Faded denim curtain styles are usually only best for rustic or country-themed home interiors.

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@drtroubles - Places like Bed, Bath & Beyond and Amazon online have a good selection of denim curtains, though you may need to figure in shipping fees depending where you live. As long as you know the window measurements you should have no trouble finding window curtains.

You can of course also make curtains and drapes out of denim if you have access to a well-stocked fabric store. If one of you is skilled with the sewing machine it should be an easy project. Just be aware that denim isn't cheap so it might actually be better to order the curtains already made.


My grandmother is dead set on buying denim curtain panels for her living room to complete the country theme she wants. i know she has looked many different kinds of curtains and window treatments and won't be swayed from her choice. The problem we face now is finding denim curtains that have a rustic look to them.

My wife and I have been all over the city and it seems impossible to find denim curtains so we think we might have to buy them. Where would be the best place to look for denim curtains? If there aren't any good places do you think they would be hard to make?

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    • Denim can be purchased in a variety of color shades.
      Denim can be purchased in a variety of color shades.