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How Do I Choose the Best DECT Wireless Headset?

Alex Newth
Alex Newth

A digital enhanced cordless telecommunications (DECT) wireless headset is used in many business settings to allow employees the ability to speak with customers by phone while still having both hands free to type and otherwise work with. There are many DECT wireless headset units on the market with some special features, but the most important features are the basic ones. They are used for business purposes, so charging time and battery life are both important. Other features to look for are one- or two-ear headsets, whether the DECT wireless headset is truly wireless, and the effective range of the headset.

DECT wireless headset units need to be charged, because they do not have battery packs attached to them. This means the headset should last at least eight hours, the common U.S. workday, to be effective. A longer battery life, such as 10 hours, will ensure headset efficacy and will help those who work longer shifts. Along with the headset’s battery life, the charging time should be minimal so, if the headset does run out of power, workers can charge the headset quickly and get back to work.

DECT wireless headset units are often used for business purposes.
DECT wireless headset units are often used for business purposes.

One- or two-ear DECT wireless headset units are both common on the market. A one-ear headset is more comfortable and contemporary looking, but it has trouble canceling noise because it only covers the one ear. Two-ear headsets are better at canceling noise but tend to be less comfortable to wear. Some sets are able to convert from one to the other, allowing the employee to choose whether noise canceling or comfort is more important.

Some DECT wireless headset units say they are wireless and, for the most part, they are — but they need to be connected to a phone source. This means either a mobile or landline phone must be connected, via a wire, to the headset. A truly wireless headset will connect to the phone source without any wires, enabling employees to move around the office.

Along with being truly wireless, the effective range of a DECT wireless headset also will enable movement. The most common effective range is around 300 feet (91.4 meters), but some can go beyond this. Depending on the size of the office, the common range may be good enough or a better range may be required. Long-range headsets tend to cost more and, if there is no reason for the employee to move more than 300 feet (91.4 meters), then there will probably be no reason to incur the expense of the extended range.

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    • DECT wireless headset units are often used for business purposes.
      By: Francesco83
      DECT wireless headset units are often used for business purposes.