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How Do I Choose the Best Decorative Vase?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

To choose the best decorative vase for your home, don't go by color or pattern alone. Instead, give yourself enough time to look at and consider many different vases until you find one you can appreciate on an emotional level. Choosing a decorative vase you love, as opposed to one you merely like that suits your decor, can give you pleasure when you look at it rather than it simply being a typical accent piece in your home.

A decorative vase shouldn't have to hold flowers to look "finished." Try to pick one that you'll enjoy the looks of both as is and with flowers added. If you focus on looking for decorative vases you love, chances are they will end up being a versatile part of your home's interior. An eye-catching vase can look great in any room, including a bathroom, hallway and guest bedroom as well as the main rooms.

A vase of flowers.
A vase of flowers.

If the colors in the vase you love the most don't end up coordinating in one area of your home, it's usually possible to find it ideal for another. Some people like to specifically choose a decorative vase that coordinates well with the overall style and colors of their whole home. They may display the vase in a glass door china cabinet when not in use, and arrange flowers in it to place elsewhere in the home on occasion.

It can be best not to worry too much about size when choosing a vase. If you get fresh flowers often, then creating a collection of decorative vases in different sizes can be a great idea. This way, you can be prepared for large bouquets by choosing big vases as well as a single bloom by picking a decorative bud vase. Displaying a decorative vase grouping may be quite stunning and there are several different ways to go about doing this.

If you want to choose beautiful vases to collect to display them attractively in your home, you should decide on a furniture piece to hold them — either on the surface or inside shelves or cabinets. Attractive decorative vase groupings can be stunning in built-in bookcases and in cube-like room dividers. If you concentrate on coordinating either the shapes or the colors of different sizes of decorative vases, you'll be likely to achieve a coherent, attractive collection. Take time to build your collection with pieces you love though, rather than just adding vases that meet a certain shape or color criteria.

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    • A vase of flowers.
      By: ivan kmit
      A vase of flowers.