How do I Choose the Best Decorative Curtain Rods?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus
Antique finishes can be used to decorate other plain, metal rods.
Antique finishes can be used to decorate other plain, metal rods.

When choosing the best decorative curtain rods, it's important to look for interesting texture and color. If the curtains aren't tab tops or hung with clipped rings, then only the center and ends are likely to show much. A finish that stands out from the curtain fabric, yet also coordinates with it, can help create a decorative focal point in a room. For any kind of curtain style, try to avoid a plain rod when you're trying to make a decorative statement. Openwork metal, antique finishes and bamboo are examples of some attractive and decorative curtain rods.

Bamboo, with its unique texture and natural breaks, can be a great decorative alternative to plain, ordinary wood curtain poles or rods. You'll just need to keep the bamboo's color in the same basic wood color as that of any furniture in the room. If you must use plainer wood poles rather than decorative curtain rods, hanging patterned panels with clipped wooden rings will allow all the details to show to add interest to the window treatments. As curtain ring hangers are slid over the drapery rod, they can really call attention to it.

Antique finishes on otherwise plain metal rods can add just enough detail to create a decorative look. Brass with black antiqued touches or pewter with some raised lines or swirl embossing can be the right touch for elegant curtains. Decorative curtain rods that have the look of a fine antique are a great way to add interest to traditional decors.

Openwork metal rods for curtains tend to be extremely decorative. The open spaces add sophistication and create a contrast from the sold metal sections. To add even further detail to these types of decorative curtain rods, consider choosing a twisted openwork metal style. Adding openwork finials in the same look can create the perfect finishing touch.

Selecting finials, or curtain end caps, with a strong attention to detail is important when you want your curtain rods to be decorative. Carved wood or sparkly crystal finials may be some options to consider for finishing off decorative curtain rods. Accessories such as detailed tie backs can also help draw the eye to stylish curtain rods if they coordinate well with them. Don't forget to make sure that the completed window not only looks cohesive yet eye-catching in style, but that it also fits in well with the rest of the room.

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    • Antique finishes can be used to decorate other plain, metal rods.
      Antique finishes can be used to decorate other plain, metal rods.