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How Do I Choose the Best Dead Sea Treatments?

T. Carrier
T. Carrier

Military battles have been waged because of the purported value of Dead Sea treatments and components. The region’s name may invoke sinister thoughts, but advocates claim several aspects of the Dead Sea — ranging from climate to mud deposits — can improve an individual’s life and well-being. Different aspects are compatible with different disorders and conditions. The convenience and expense of treatments are important variables for Dead Sea treatments, regardless of the condition. For a full health experience, individuals can choose from one of several regional Dead Sea treatment centers.

The Dead Sea’s name is deceptive, as it is neither dead nor a sea. Vibrancy surrounds the area, despite its lack of fish and other visible aquatic life. Many animal species populate nearby mountains. Human habitation has also increased, with several health spas dotting the region. As for the sea moniker, this body of water is actually a large lake found between Jordan and Israel.

Sea salt from the Dead Sea.
Sea salt from the Dead Sea.

Several properties of the Dead Sea region mark it as unique. Each of these properties offers both potential cosmetic and health benefits. The particular type of Dead Sea treatments you choose will largely depend on your particular problem or ailment.

A dry, sunny, year-round climate characterizes this region. Rainfall is rare, the atmosphere is oxygen-rich, and, despite the surplus sun, damaging ultraviolet radiation is nearly nil. Two types of therapy — heliotherapy and climatotherapy — take advantage of these climactic features.

Minerals from the Dead Sea can help a variety of conditions.
Minerals from the Dead Sea can help a variety of conditions.

For example, respiratory conditions may benefit from the allergen-free air that infuses the region, and heart conditions may receive help from the high regional oxygen levels. Skin disorders can also benefit from the more natural levels of ultraviolet radiation. The peaceful, clean, and sun-heavy nature of this climate could possibly help alleviate psychological stress and depression as well.

The unique content of the water itself is also of interest to health experts. Historians gave the famous landmark its name largely because of its unusually high salt concentration: a number that can measure as much as one-third of the water’s overall concentration. This effect largely results from the frequent evaporation the lake experiences, which leaves high deposits of salts and other minerals ranging from calcium to potassium. The water’s contents may be particularly useful for chronic respiratory nasal inflammation, as the high Dead Sea salt and mineral contents can help combat infections. In addition, individuals who immerse themselves and bathe in the water often report improvements in skin breakouts or abnormalities.

Dead Sea mud provides another valuable source of mineral-rich deposits. Minerals and other deposits like alluvium and asphalt seep into the water from surrounding geological features and are also pumped into the lake from natural thermal springs along the shoreline. These natural mixtures are popular in treating skin-related disorders such as psoriasis. Further, evidence suggests that the minerals have an anti-inflammatory effect that can lessen the pain in arthritis or related conditions.

The portability of mud brings up another consideration when choosing Dead Sea treatments: the individual’s location and financial means. Unless an individual lives close to the Dead Sea or has enough financial resources to plan frequent trips to the area, then treatments will often have to come to the individual. Physical substances like mud and water-based treatments are thus the best option for long-distance Dead Sea treatments.

If an individual does visit the region, several health spa centers are available. When choosing the best provider of Dead Sea treatments, the individual should evaluate a few factors. A fully equipped spa should have mineral water pools and spa features like jacuzzis and massage offerings. Clinical areas should also be commonplace, with these facilities run by certified professionals that are available long-term and at most times day or night. Quality centers should offer access to a private beach as well, so that the full effects of the Dead Sea and its benefits can be achieved.

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    • Sea salt from the Dead Sea.
      By: Elena Moiseeva
      Sea salt from the Dead Sea.
    • Minerals from the Dead Sea can help a variety of conditions.
      By: Victor B
      Minerals from the Dead Sea can help a variety of conditions.