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How Do I Choose the Best Day Spa for Couples?

Alex Tree
Alex Tree

You can choose the best day spa for couples by ensuring that the facility has couples treatments and pricing and checking to make sure the spa is licensed. A variety of treatments made available to couples helps keep you and your significant other from getting bored. In addition, sometimes people feel more comfortable being massaged or otherwise pampered by a certain gender, and not all day spas allow customers to be choosy in this area. Cleanliness is also an important part of good day spa for couples, so look around to judge how serious the staff takes being sanitary.

Thousands of day spas offer treatments for couples, but the vast majority of day spas do not actually cater to couples. A day spa for couples specifically is usually referred to as a romantic spa, couples spa, or even a massage resort. Make sure the day spas that look promising have a wide variety of treatments you can experience with your partner, aside from massages. Facials, manicures and pedicures, and much more can be performed on both sexes, and a good day spa for couples is prepared to honor requests like this.

A sauna at a spa.
A sauna at a spa.

Ask if the facility has special pricing for couples. Some day spas give a discount to couples because they are buying two of everything. Other spas charge the standard price for each treatment, plus an extra fee for having the treatments done at the same time in the same room. Couples on a budget might want to avoid the latter of the two options.

Before selecting a day spa for couples, do some investigating. If a spa does not display information about its licensing and professional membership in a forefront manner, it may be disreputable. Furthermore, a couple considering spending time at a new spa might want to physically explore it before booking an appointment to determine how comfortable and hygienic the facility feels. It is useful to know as much as possible about a spa’s facilities, massage therapists, and staff before deciding to book an appointment.

A man getting a massage at a day spa.
A man getting a massage at a day spa.

If the couple desires either or both of the massage therapists to be of a specific gender, it is important they make sure the spa can accommodate this. Some people are more comfortable receiving a massage from a specific gender. It can ruin a spa visit when a person discovers that he or she is uncomfortable with his or her massage therapist during the session.

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This sounds like one of the best things in the whole wide world to me, but I am a little freaky over germs. I’ve got to say, that I cannot relax if the environment around me seems even a little bit questionable in the clean department.

Do you think that couple’s day spas would let you take a look at the facility before you actually hired the services?

I ‘m pretty sure these things don’t come cheap and I don’t have the cash to waste on a possible bust. However, I’d be willing to splurge just a little for a really great experience.

I can’t help it; it’s just that every time I think of a place like this all that comes to my mind are those funky, old ‘massage’ parlors that are on 70’s TV shows.


Wow! I would love to go to a couple’s day spa, but I’m not sure my husband would be comfortable with the idea.

He is a very macho, manly-man sort of guy and he might see the whole idea of sitting around in fluffy white robes while people cater to you something only pansies would do. However, I think that it would be nice for us to actually sit and relax together and let others take care of business for a while.

We have two young children, and when one of us is off the other is on. It’s always like that because when you have two little ones, you just can’t turn your back for a minute (that’s why I have little baby-Picasso’s all over my bedroom wall right now.)

How can I convince him that going to a day spa with me for a whole day alone might be a great little break for the both of us, and a good way to bond? Sure, I could do it like that, but that won’t work. I need to do it in man talk.


When you are looking for the best day spa for couples what kind of services besides just massages should you be looking for? What would you consider a good deal as far as a package goes?

I have been looking at some advertising for some day spas for couples and am hoping to surprise my wife with a great gift. Right now it seems that most of the advertising focuses on a basic massage, a facial and a manicure and pedicure.

I know my wife is always going for things like body wraps for her circulation so I would love to get something like that added in. Is it common for spas to allow you to add extras to a set package, or do you have to stick with what you buy?


For those of you who are looking for a great gift for your partner heading to a day spa for couples is a fantastic idea. I have found the best combination is to find a hotel that has a spa and make your outing a whole weekend event. Often spas will have discounts for those staying in the hotel and you can even break your spa sessions over two days.

A couple’s massage followed by a relaxing soak in a Jacuzzi can be great. If your partner is willing things like mud wraps and sea salt scrubs can really make you feel invigorated.

This can give you lots of energy for anything else you plan on doing together during your couple’s weekend.

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    • A sauna at a spa.
      By: ecobo
      A sauna at a spa.
    • A man getting a massage at a day spa.
      By: dgmata
      A man getting a massage at a day spa.
    • Day spas might have different fitness activities couples can enjoy together.
      By: imtmphoto
      Day spas might have different fitness activities couples can enjoy together.
    • A day spa might offer rock treatments and warm compress treatments as part of their services.
      By: Africa Studio
      A day spa might offer rock treatments and warm compress treatments as part of their services.
    • A day spa can help a couple rekindle their romance.
      By: inarik
      A day spa can help a couple rekindle their romance.