How Do I Choose the Best Cutlery Rack?

Janis Adams

While there are numerous types of racks made to house cutlery, the best way to choose a cutlery rack is to decide which one best fits your specific needs and space requirements. You'll want to consider what type of cutlery you will be storing, as different types require different storage solutions. Fine silver will need a soft storage rack so that it does not get scratched or marred; knives will need a place to keep their sharp edges from cutting one's hands when reaching for them. Everyday silverware will need a storage unit that will offer easy accessibility.


A chrome plated cutlery rack is a popular choice, as it will not rust when cleaned; this can make them more hygienic. These racks are often used for regular silverware. They often feature a handle for easy portability from the pantry where it may be stored to the table where the cutlery will be used.

Able to go from the dishwasher to the storage area, a plastic cutlery rack is very versatile. Such dual action racks allow cutlery to be washed, rinsed, dried and stored all while resting in the same place. Though some homemakers choose these types of storage racks, most often they are used by restaurants and hotels where large numbers of pieces of cutlery are needed.

Hanging cutlery racks are popular with those who want easy access to their silverware pieces. These types of racks differ in design and size, depending upon the specific type of cutlery which will be hung from them. Before choosing such a rack, however, you'll want to make sure that the pieces you want to hang have the proper hooks or holes that will allow you to do so.

Some custom designed kitchens feature a built in cutlery rack housed within a cabinet or pantry. These often must be custom crafted to meet the specific cutlery which will be stored there. This can be a very useful choice for someone building or refurbishing a kitchen, but it isn't practical for most homeowners to add such a feature to an already existing kitchen.

The cylindrical cutlery rack is a popular counter top storage container for all types of kitchen utensils. From spatulas to serving spoons, whisks to ladles, all types of cutlery regularly used when cooking can be housed here. These types of racks can be crafted out of stainless steel, ceramic, plastic and a host of other materials. Some are even made to match kitchen wallpaper or kitchen devices to help create a pleasing d├ęcor.

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