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How Do I Choose the Best Cuticle Lotion?

Kristeen Moore
Kristeen Moore

Cuticle lotion is a must-have if you regularly suffer from dry and cracked fingers, so that you can properly hydrate the area while preventing infections. The best cuticle lotions contain basic moisturizing ingredients that will not contribute to excess dryness. Cuticle exfoliating lotions are another option if you want to occasionally use a product that will help to remove dead skin cells. Manicure products are sometimes sold in nail salons, but you can generally purchase them at better prices at drugstores and beauty supply shops. Although cuticle creams can hydrate your fingers properly, you might not notice any significant results until after a few days’ use — you should also consider adding other products to your regimen if you suffer from severely dry cuticles.

Hand lotions are often made as dual-purpose products that can also moisturize your cuticles. When you compare different brands, you should focus on versions that truly contain hydrating ingredients. Plant-based oils are generally indicative of a quality cuticle lotion, while brands that are primarily comprised of chemicals have the propensity to dry out the skin. Some of the best kinds of lotions contain extracts from avocados and almonds, as well as jojoba oil and vitamin E.

Many lotions provide soothing moisture to both hands and cuticles.
Many lotions provide soothing moisture to both hands and cuticles.

An exfoliating cuticle lotion is often applied to the hands in an effort to slough away dry skin, and these can also be helpful in maintaining your cuticles. Such products also contain oils, but some of the best versions contain thicker ingredients such as shea butter. When using an exfoliating lotion, take care not to use the product too often as this can actually cause the opposite effect.

Hand lotion often contains ingredients to moisturize cuticles.
Hand lotion often contains ingredients to moisturize cuticles.

The best place to buy cuticle lotion often depends on your budget because quality products are sold at various prices. In order to boost sales, many nail salons sell cuticle products right from their places of business. Still, many of these products tend to cost more than they do in other types of places, such as drugstores and discounted beauty supply shops. In some cases, you might even purchase the lotion in bulk online in order to save even more money.

Lotions that are designed for softening cuticles are not generally used if you need immediate results because they work by strengthening the area with regular use. Severe damage usually requires the use of cuticle oil, which can be applied after a lotion. Aside from softening products, you should take other measures to help to prevent cuticle damage, such as limiting the amount of harsh soaps and alcohol-based products that you use on your hands.

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@ZipLine, @burcinc-- Have you guys ever tried cuticle lotion or balm with emu oil before?

A friend of mine uses this and swears by it for rough, dry cuticles. She said that emu oil comes from the emu bird, which is kind of sad. But the oil is supposed to have therapeutic effects for skin. Apparently, it comes in balm and lotion form. I think the balm would be particularly good for cuticles.

My mom uses udder cream for her cuticles and as a moisturizer in general. She grew up using this stuff and she can't seem to move on to something else! But I've never seen her with dry, rough cuticles or hands as of yet, so I guess it works!


@ZipLine-- Thanks for the recommendation. I'll keep that in mind.

I've used cuticle products with almond oil and vitamin E in them, and those worked really well. I think the best cuticle lotions contain natural oils in them.

Some other ingredients that work well for cuticles is beeswax and shea butter. Well, these are good for skin care in general, so naturally they help keep the cuticles soft too.


I think the best moisturizer for cuticles is coconut oil. I started using coconut oil as a moisturizer when I stayed in India. It's one of the most common beauty moisturizers there and used for both hair and skin.

At first, I found the scent of coconut oil odd because I had never used it before. But I got used to it after a few days. Coconut oil absorbs into skin and nails really well. You see the effects of it immediately and the softness remains for a long time.

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    • Many lotions provide soothing moisture to both hands and cuticles.
      By: pavel Chernobrivets
      Many lotions provide soothing moisture to both hands and cuticles.
    • Hand lotion often contains ingredients to moisturize cuticles.
      By: roblan
      Hand lotion often contains ingredients to moisturize cuticles.