How do I Choose the Best Cream Body Wash?

Allison Boelcke

Cream body wash is a thick, moisturizing cleanser used for getting rid of bacteria or dirt on the body. It is different than gel or liquid body soaps because it generally contains rich moisturizers, making it more useful for people with skin susceptible to redness or dry flakes. Choosing the best cream body wash for you is often a matter of keeping your particular skin problems and lifestyle in mind, as well as any scent preferences.

Bottles of pink and orange cream body wash.
Bottles of pink and orange cream body wash.

If you tend to develop acne on your body, such as your shoulders, back, or chest, choose a cream body wash containing acne treatment products, such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Acne cream body washes can also be useful in preventing body breakouts caused by sweating, especially if you exercise frequently and have to bathe more than one time a day. Using an antibacterial soap multiple times a day will often be too harsh on your skin.

Lavender is a popular addition to bath products due to its pleasant, relaxing scent.
Lavender is a popular addition to bath products due to its pleasant, relaxing scent.

Since cream body washes are typically designed for dry skin, they often contain gentler ingredients that won’t irritate sensitive skin. If your skin tends to become painful, red, or itchy after you shower or bathe, choose a cream body wash that does not contain any type of fragrance or dyes. You can also look for washes that are labeled paraben-free. Paraben is a preservative used in many skin care products, but can cause allergic rashes if you have sensitive skin.

Keep your daily routine in mind when it comes to choosing a body wash. If you are often in a rush when bathing or showering and need products that save time, purchase a cream wash that also works as a shaving cream. You lather the wash as you normally would and apply it to your body. Rather than simply washing it off, you use a razor to remove any body hair first and then rinse it off. A double duty cream body wash may also be useful if you don’t have a lot of storage space for extra toiletries.

For some people, the scent of a cream body wash is a major part of their satisfaction with the product. If you tend to feel stressed out often, choose a wash containing relaxing aromatherapy scents, such as lavender. The most relaxing scent can vary for individuals, so smell different essential oil scents to find out which is most relaxing for you. If you tend to feel tired in the morning, choose a refreshing scent that will wake you up, such as mint or citrus.

Cream body washes are typically designed for dry skin.
Cream body washes are typically designed for dry skin.

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@feruze-- I'm not so worried about lather because I only use natural lotion body washes. I don't use any products with chemicals or synthetic ingredients in them. And one of those chemicals is what's responsible for the lather. Anything that lathers has chemicals and unnatural ingredients in it.

I don't know why we always get stuck on foam when the important part is how it works on your skin. I think natural products work best because they don't increase our chances of getting cancer.

The lotion body wash I use has all natural essential oils and fruit extracts in it. It works just as well as any other and smells divine. I recommend everyone to give natural body washes a try. They're really worth it and they're good for our health.


I'm really particular about the bath products I use because I see this as a time to get-away from the stress of daily life. Whenever I'm tired or upset, a hot shower or bath always does the trick.

There are three things I look for in a cream body wash. The first is that it should be very moisturizing and the creams in it should absorb into my skin well. I have very dry skin so the cream is very important. Secondly, I want a nice lather, otherwise I feel like I'm putting lotion on and not really cleaning my skin. Finally, it has to smell good.

I really like almond, vanilla and lavender scents in cream body washes. These are so relaxing! The ones labeled as 'aromatherapy' generally work better than other ones. I also like the ones that come with perfume and moisturizing beads inside. I feel very luxurious when I use them.


The article mentioned this and I'll say it again. If you are prone to body acne, do not use cream body washes with moisturizers in them!

Last winter, my skin felt less soft than usual and so I thought that a cream body wash might be good to try. I didn't expect my back to break out in acne, but it did! Moisturizing cream body washes are a no-no for me, no matter what the season is. I prefer gel body washes or oil-free cream washes because these don't contain any oils and never break me out.

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