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How do I Choose the Best Craft Organizer?

S. Gonzales
S. Gonzales

A craft organizer is any type of organizer that can help you store crafts or the materials and tools used to create them. Choosing an organizer will largely depend on what types of crafts you make and how you want them to be stored. Size and portability are often factors that you will have to consider before purchasing a specific organizer.

A personal craft organizer is one that can be used within the home. It is usually meant to hold the crafting efforts of only one person. They are designed to maximize space and keep many crafts organized while still keeping them easily accessible to the owner. Craft organizers are particularly useful to people who might not have craft rooms in their homes but still love the hobby of crafting. Organizers can keep current and past crafts sorted and stored, so that the owner can continue making crafts with little to no hassle.

Some sewing boxes have special drawers for spools of thread.
Some sewing boxes have special drawers for spools of thread.

A craft organizer can be large or small, depending on the types of materials they are meant to accommodate and how many crafts they are intended to hold. Some can be highly portable, even coming with handles for easy transport or wheels to help the organizer travel from room to room. Storage units, including drawers, shelves, compartments and slots, can vary between organizers. Your particular crafts and your personal needs will influence which style of craft organizer to choose.

Yarn may be organized according to color or thickness.
Yarn may be organized according to color or thickness.

A very common type of craft organizer is one that organizes crafting tools and materials. As a crafter, you probably have found yourself unable to find certain tools or materials that you need to complete a project. With this type of organizer, you can place all of your associated crafting materials in one place. Organizers of this sort can be purchased as large, all-in-one organizers, or they can be bought separately for each particular crafting tool or material. A popular crafting material organizer is one that allows crafters to separate spools of thread by color, weight or any other identifying distinction.

If you are a teacher and have a classroom full of crafts to take care of and store, you might consider purchasing an extremely large craft organizer. These organizers usually have enough slots to accommodate each student in your classroom. They might also have extra storage space that will help you store other articles or files associated with the students. You can find these types of organizers at stores that cater to educators who teach young students.

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Discussion Comments


There are some great craft room ideas available online, you just need to run a search for craft organization ideas. I found a site that had photos of different kinds of crafts shelves and drawers and was really impressed with how much it could tuck away.

My friend enjoys woodworking, so I enlisted him in helping me make some custom craft organizers for my craft room. Since I generally like making jewelry I needed a lot of small compartments made, so we ended up buying inexpensive plastic inserts for the doors. It worked out really well, so I suggest custom craft shelving for anyone who can get it.


@manykitties2 - I just go with the generic storage options, as I don't think it is a good idea to pay for expensive craft storage unless you are serious about it as a profession. I have a friend who spent a fortune on craft room organization, but then again, she sells her crafts at various craft shows throughout the year, so it was a real investment for her.

Some of the best craft room organization ideas I have seen have been the simplest. Using decorative hat boxes from gift stores are great for holding yarn, and buying plastic containers made for kitchen storage are useful for just about anything. I just invested in a label maker so I can easily find what I put away.


Do you think that when you are looking for craft storage it is a good idea to purchase a rolling craft organizer, or just go with generic storage options?

I have noticed that a lot of craft organization supplies that are specifically for crafts are more expensive then general boxes and storage.

I enjoy scrapbooking and knitting, so I think I need to focus on scrapbooking storage that will keep all of my stickers and glue away from my expensive yarn. I have already had a few mishaps and ruined some yarn. I just want things to look good and be able to find everything I am looking for.

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    • Some sewing boxes have special drawers for spools of thread.
      By: otrada
      Some sewing boxes have special drawers for spools of thread.
    • Yarn may be organized according to color or thickness.
      By: Claudia Paulussen
      Yarn may be organized according to color or thickness.