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How do I Choose the Best CPU Holder?

Patrick Roland
Patrick Roland

A computer tower or CPU can be a cumbersome burden on any desk. Additionally, these expensive, delicate machines run the risk of damage when left sitting on the floor or on a desktop. Using a CPU holder is an effective way to both reduce clutter and keep your computer safe. Choosing the best CPU holder is a matter of researching adjustability, securing mechanisms, clearance and cost. By understanding all the elements that go into a holder, you will be able to select the perfect addition to your workspace.

Adjustability is an important element to consider when purchasing a CPU holder. Most mounts provide a metal bracing system that holds the computer tower by its sides and provides support along the bottom of the box. Many inexpensive holders only come in one size and the computer terminal slides into this holder, providing a dangerous opportunity for the computer to be jarred loose and possibly fall. A better choice is to pick an adjustable model that can be sized to securely hold your computer and prevent any movement or CPU stress.

A Central Processing Unit (CPU).
A Central Processing Unit (CPU).

How a CPU holder secures to the desk is another important concern during the selection process. Most mounts screw onto the underside of the desktop and hang down. This provides a stable foundation for the holder. If this is not a possibility, there are a few models that do not secure to a desk, but provide computer holding brackets on wheels, so the computer can be wheeled around.

CPU -- or central processing unit -- chips are used in many computing devices.
CPU -- or central processing unit -- chips are used in many computing devices.

The clearance a CPU holder provides is another consideration when choosing a mount. Most systems will hang down vertically, providing ample space to work, even for situations with large or multiple CPUs. If clearance space is at a premium, you should make sure the holder also has the hardware to mount the computer vertically along the desk, which creates more room.

Finally, cost is an element you should take into account when choosing a holder for your CPU. No matter if you are purchasing a single mount for a home computer or hundreds of racks for an office, you need to select a model with the right balance of functionality and price. Generally, the more adjustability and strength a model provides, the more expensive it will be. Luckily, there are dozens of options providing different benefits, which will allow you to find the right holder for your budget.

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    • A Central Processing Unit (CPU).
      By: Gudellaphoto
      A Central Processing Unit (CPU).
    • CPU -- or central processing unit -- chips are used in many computing devices.
      By: Oleksiy Mark
      CPU -- or central processing unit -- chips are used in many computing devices.