How Do I Choose the Best Countertop Kit?

Dan Cavallari

A countertop kit may include all the materials you need to install a countertop in your home, or it may simply contain the elements you need to conduct repairs to a specific type of countertop. Before purchasing a countertop kit, decide what type of kit best suits your needs and abilities. Kits that include all components for installing a countertop will require you to have at least some carpentry skills; repair kits may not require you to have such skills, but you will need to be able to follow the instructions carefully to prevent further damage to the countertop.

Some countertop kits contain materials you need to repair a damaged countertop.
Some countertop kits contain materials you need to repair a damaged countertop.

If you are choosing a countertop kit that will allow you to install a new countertop, you will first need to determine your budget for the project as well as the type of aesthetic you want for the surface. These two determining factors may dictate which types of materials will be available to you. Remember, too, that some materials are far more difficult to work with than others. A granite countertop, for example, is exceptionally heavy and difficult or impossible to cut on site. You can buy a granite countertop kit, however, that features modular tiles, allowing you to create a surface for a lower cost and the same aesthetic appeal.

Think about what you will be doing with the countertop in order to choose the best countertop kit. A kitchen countertop, for example, is likely to be subject to spills, abrasions from knives and utensils, and heat from pots and pans. This means the materials included in the countertop kit will need to be resistant to these types of damages. Marble is attractive but likely to stain; granite can also stain, but not as easily as marble. Granite tends to be expensive, however, so many people choose soapstone or slate instead. For the best value and ease of installation, you can choose a laminate countertop that installs over a wood base.

Make sure that whichever countertop kit you choose includes instructions for installation or use. The instructions should be detailed and thorough so you can gain an understanding of how to conduct the installation or repair process from beginning to end without wasting time or materials. The kit should also include everything you need to successfully install or repair the countertop. In many cases, however, the kits will not include the necessary tools, so be sure to account for this in your budget.

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