How Do I Choose the Best Corner Dresser?

Dan Cavallari

Before purchasing a corner dresser, be sure to take measurements of your bedroom or other room in which the dresser will be placed. Decide how large of a unit you will need by measuring the space and determining what you will be storing in the corner dresser, and don't forget to measure vertically as well. Once you have determined your space limitations and your storage requirements, consider what type of dresser you want: wood, metal, plastic, or another material. This will have an effect on the cost, stability, durability, and appearance of the unit.

Countless varieties of wood can be used to construct a corner dresser.
Countless varieties of wood can be used to construct a corner dresser.

Corner dresser models tend to have some of the most unique drawer units, since the drawers will need to be pulled out in accordance with the angle of the corner. Some dressers feature drawers that pull out parallel to each wall, while others feature drawers that pull out normally; the rest of the unit is shaped differently to accommodate the corner instead. Research the different shapes and drawer methods to find the one that suits your needs. If you plan on placing a mirror or television on top of the corner dresser, choose one that is shorter and wider rather than tall and thin. This will provide a stable, wide surface for these heavier objects.

If you have a room that is short on space, consider a tallboy corner dresser. This style of dresser will be much taller and narrower than other units. The footprint of this style of corner dresser will therefore be much smaller, thereby saving on usable space within the room. It will be important to measure the height of the dresser before purchasing to ensure it is still a manageable height, especially for shorter users. Items can be placed on the top of a tallboy dresser, though the items will be decorative rather than items that are used for daily functions.

Consider the materials used to make the dresser. Wood is the most common material, and countless varieties of wood can be used to construct a corner dresser. The quality of the wood will have an effect on the overall price of the unit, as well as the aesthetic appeal. Be sure to choose a wood that fits your budget and aesthetic needs. The color and grain of the wood are considerations to look for when choosing the dresser, as well as the wood's treatment for resistance to water damage or other common types of damage.

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