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How Do I Choose the Best Corded Phone with Caller ID?

D. Nelson
D. Nelson

A corded phone is a telephone with a receiver that is connected to its base with a cord, meaning that users are restricted to using a receiver within the general area of a phone base, which includes a keypad and display. This kind of phone can be compared to wireless models, which do not have cord and instead have receivers that can be carried longer distances away from phone bases. Caller identification (known as caller ID) is a feature that allows users to see from whom they are receiving calls. To choose the best corded phone with caller ID, you should first determine from which features you most can benefit. If you are unfamiliar with which features might be available on a corded phone with caller ID, you should do some shopping in stores or online to learn about some of the most common.

One basic feature common to corded phones with caller ID is the base; these connect to a wall jack via an actual wire, and can either be mounted on the wall or placed on a table or other surface. Some bases are angled, for example, which is a great feature for professionals who need phones for their desks. A flat base might require you to stand up or lean forward any time you want to dial a number on the keypad. An elevated base that is set at an angle, on the other hand, allows you to punch in numbers from your seat. Not only might a base set at an angle be more convenient, but it might also prevent you from straining your back.

Ensuring that the corded telephone is compatible with other devices.
Ensuring that the corded telephone is compatible with other devices.

Another factor to consider when you are looking for the best corded phone with caller ID is its compatibility with other devices. If you plan on talking on the phone while you are doing other work, you might want a phone into which you can plug a headset. A headset might allow you to walk around your room or office while you are using your phone.

A busy professional who has a corded phone with caller ID that he or she uses at work might benefit from a model that can be routed to a cell phone. When a professional is away from the office, he or she can use a personal cell phone to receive calls and check messages that come in through a corded work phone. This is a great feature for salespeople and other professionals who are often on the road.

It is common for consumers to want corded phones with caller ID that have clear reception. Unfortunately, you might not know the quality of a phone's sound until you use it. Many people read customer reviews online and in consumer periodicals. If you choose to go this route, make sure that reviews are valid and objective, as opposed to being planted by companies that wish to promote their products.

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The thing I like most about Caller ID is that I don't have to worry about callers not leaving a message on my voicemail. Some people just don't like talking to machines, but with Caller ID I will still know they called. I'd say if you were looking for a good corded phone with Caller ID, find one with a large display window. Sometimes when my phone rings at work and I'm doing other things at my desk, it helps to be able to just glance over at the display and know if I need to answer the call or not.


I know the big movement is towards wireless or cellular phones, but I actually prefer to have a corded phone in my office cubicle. It's not like I have to be thirty feet away from my desk while talking to customers, and most of the time a phone call means I have to enter an order into my desktop computer anyway. With all of the electronic equipment in the office, I think I get much less interference with a corded phone. When I had a wireless phone with a wireless headset, I had trouble understanding the person on the other end sometimes.

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    • Ensuring that the corded telephone is compatible with other devices.
      By: lionblueg2
      Ensuring that the corded telephone is compatible with other devices.