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How Do I Choose the Best Corded DECT Phone?

Alex Newth
Alex Newth

Corded digital enhanced cordless telecommunications (DECT) phones are not common in the realm of DECT technology, because the DECT signal is made more for cordless communication, but corded DECT phone units have their own advantages. Unlike the cordless varieties, corded DECT phones will stay on even in a power outage, have a larger keypad for easy dialing, and run on very little power. Getting the best corded DECT phone unit involves checking the basic phone components, such as the answering machine, speed dial and caller ID. Other functions specific to DECT phones are the amount of extra cordless phones that can integrate with the corded base and the effective range of the DECT signal.

Every phone needs an answering machine so people can leave messages if the person is out. With corded DECT phone units, as with most modern phones, the answering machine is digitally infused in the phone, so the two functions integrate without the need for an extra answering machine device. The main difference between DECT phones and other phones is how much can be recorded at once. On average, DECT phones can save from 15 to 20 minutes worth of messages.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Other functions common to DECT phones are speed dial and caller ID. Speed dial allows the corded DECT phone user to input onto a directory several different that he or she would commonly call. The more numbers that can be inputted, the more numbers the user will have at his or her fingertips. Caller ID also helps users avoid unwanted calls and helps to keep the line free for important calls.

Corded DECT phone units, because of the DECT signal, come with the ability to integrate with cordless phones. Most DECT phones come with one or two extra cordless phones, giving the consumer a better deal. The more cordless phones that initially come with the corded phone, the better. If the corded phone can integrate with an extended number of phones, such as six or more, this will be useful in business and busy family settings.

The corded DECT phone also acts as a base station for the cordless DECT phones. This station emits a signal that allows the phones to work within a certain range. The longer this range, the more effective the cordless phones can work with the corded phone. This range commonly extends to 300 feet (91.4 meters), but longer ranges can be found and work best in large areas or areas with thick walls.

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I would like to buy a corded phone (with answering machine) that does not incorporate DECT technology as I am concerned about the health effects of EMFs. How will I know which phones do not use DECT?

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