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How Do I Choose the Best Convection Rotisserie Oven?

Janis Adams
Janis Adams

A convection rotisserie oven provides a function so you can cook meats on a slow-turning spit, which ultimately renders a juicy entree. Knowing what features and accessories you would like your oven to come with will largely determine which one will best fit your cooking needs. When choosing this type of cooking device, size is also a big determiner, as you will want it to be able to be either placed in the appropriate cabinet space in your kitchen or set safely on a counter top.

Some varieties of the convection rotisserie oven offer the convenience of requiring no preheating prior to beginning the cooking process. This is a feature which would afford a busy cook a head start on cutting their time in the kitchen. Information on whether an oven offers this feature should be printed on the outside of the box containing the oven or available from the store where it is to be purchased.

Woman baking cookies
Woman baking cookies

One aspect to consider when choosing a convection rotisserie oven is the ease in which it can be cleaned. As meats are slow-cooked, they create drippings and cause the apparatus to become quite dirty. Choosing an oven with a removable drip pan is a handy feature to consider, as well as one that includes a broiling pan insert. As these items are readily removable from the oven, they lend themselves to easy clean up.

A convection rotisserie oven will feature either digital or analog controls. Those ovens with digital controls will feature buttons, while analog controls will have knobs. This feature will not affect how the oven functions, it is simply the choice of what the person who will use it most prefers.

As a convection rotisserie oven offers a convenient way to cook without having your entire kitchen heated up, as traditional oven will tend to do, it is often prudent to choose one that has the option of functioning as a traditional convection oven as well. Ovens that serve both purposes will allow all their rotisserie parts to be entirely removed and will also include baking trays and cooking inserts.

Some of the accessories that are often offered with a convection rotisserie oven are a baking rack removal tool, rotisserie fork screws, rotisserie removal tools, and pans. These tools do not come standard with every oven. It is a good idea to consider if it is more economical to purchase them as part of the oven package or as separate pieces. Cooking with the right accessories on hand will make your experience with your convection rotisserie oven a much more pleasurable experience.

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I think the main thing to consider when purchasing a convection oven with rotisserie is your counter space. I bought one several years ago and found out when I got it home that I didn't have any space in my kitchen to put it. I would certainly recommend measuring your counter and the oven before buying one.

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    • Woman baking cookies
      Woman baking cookies