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How Do I Choose the Best Conflict Resolution Center?

D. Nelson
D. Nelson

A conflict resolution center is an institution where individuals can go to learn more about how to end disputes peacefully, sometimes without involving the courts. People may visit these centers to get training to become conflict resolution mediators or to seek help with their own conflicts. These centers often are run by non-profit agencies and may also be housed in universities and other educational institutions. Many centers are dedicated to strengthening local communities, and therefore offer affordable training and services to local citizens who are interested in exploring alternative forms of conflict resolution. To choose the best conflict resolution center, it can be helpful to consider which services you need, the location, and the cost of using a center.

It is common for a conflict resolution center to offer a number of training sessions and courses. Some of these courses are designed for individuals who hope to become professional mediators. In these cases, courses may often apply as credit toward a degree or certification. Other kinds of education are for individuals who are interested in learning about conflict resolution, but who are not looking to earn credits by doing so. The best conflict resolution center often is one that allows you to get information you need and which is accredited in cases where you are hoping to earn certification.

Many conflict resolution centers offer services for disputes in the workplace.
Many conflict resolution centers offer services for disputes in the workplace.

Many individuals who visit these centers are interested in seeking mediators for their conflicts. In these cases, the best conflict resolution center is one that offers mediators who can help you to resolve your own particular conflict. Most centers offer services for divorce and separation, disputes in the workplace, disagreements between landlords and tenants, and disputes regarding whole neighborhoods.

In order for mediation to work, all parties must be willing to attend conflict resolution. A mediator normally listens to both sides of an argument and helps each side to understand the main points of the other. For some conflicts, such as housing disputes, it can be important that a conflict resolution center provides access to mediators who are able to write legally binding documents.

The best center often is one that is easiest for you to access. If you are going to a center to attend courses, it can be important that getting there is not so stressful that you are tempted to skip sessions. Individuals who are interested in getting mediation should make sure that other involved parties are also able to access a center.

Costs of using conflict resolution centers vary considerably. Courses that count as credit for certification normally are more expensive than courses offered to interested community members. The cost of mediation often depends on the number of sessions required. Many non-profit organizations offer sliding scales dependent on an individual's income.

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    • Many conflict resolution centers offer services for disputes in the workplace.
      By: michaeljung
      Many conflict resolution centers offer services for disputes in the workplace.