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How Do I Choose the Best Compact Bread Maker?

Janis Adams
Janis Adams

With the time constraints of a hectic lifestyle, homemade bread-making is largely a thing of the past. Fresh bread does not have to be, however, with a compact bread maker. Knowing what types of bread you want to be able to make will help you determine the best type of bread maker will fit your needs. Another aspect of choosing a compact bread maker that must be taken into consideration, prior to making a purchase, is the budget you must stay within.

One feature to consider on a compact bread maker is a timer. A timer allows you to load up all the ingredients needed for a loaf of bread and then set the timer to start the bread making process at a later time. This feature is not only handy, but it allows for fresh bread to be waiting when you wake in the morning or when you arrive home from work.

Slices of bread.
Slices of bread.

Some bread makers offer the user only one size of loaf which can be made within them, while others offer up to three sizes. As well as the size of the loaf, some offer different settings which allow you to choose the type of crust the bread will have once it has been baked. Deciding if either of these features is an important part of your compact bread maker will help you make a better choice on which model will best fit your needs.

Making fresh bread does not have to be a hassle.
Making fresh bread does not have to be a hassle.

These table top bread making devices come in a variety of colors and shapes. Choosing the best size and color will greatly depend on whether you plan on leaving the compact bread maker out on your counter or if you plan on only taking it out when it will be in use. Knowing your size requirements will help you determine if the model you are considering will fit in your kitchen. As for appearance, the two most popular finishes for these appliances are white and brushed steel.

From the time the ingredients are added to the bin within the compact bread maker to the moment when a loaf is ready for eating, different devices have different rising and baking times. This can prove to be a deciding factor when considering one model as opposed to another. For some, time is not as important as the bread which is produced, however, for others time is a huge determinant.

As different as one model is from another in features, looks, and sizes offered, so are the price points different for the various kinds of compact bread makers. Setting a price ceiling will help you determine what model will fit your budget's needs. Once you have determined a budget, it is best then to see what the models in that range will afford you in terms of amenities.

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    • Slices of bread.
      By: Irochka
      Slices of bread.
    • Making fresh bread does not have to be a hassle.
      By: Maurice Metzger
      Making fresh bread does not have to be a hassle.