How Do I Choose the Best Comforters for Teenage Girls?

S. Gonzales
S. Gonzales
A bed with a comforter set on it.
A bed with a comforter set on it.

With all the variety that exists on the market, selecting bedding for fickle teenagers can seem like a daunting task. Choosing the best comforters for teenage girls will often require you to pick designs, colors, and embellishments that best match their personalities. If you'd like the comforter to be unique and tailored to a girl's interests, you can also look into buying one that bears images of her favorite movies, books, or bands. The material from which the comforter is made is also something to consider.

There are many popular designs on comforters for teenage girls. You can choose abstract geometric shapes for young women that have artistic sensibilities, or stripes for those that are more down-to-earth. Animal prints, like leopard or cheetah, are common patterns that are available on bedding for females. Solid-colored comforters are always an option, if you are very unsure of the girl's tastes.

The colors of comforters for teenage girls can set them apart from those that are intended to be used by other demographics. Designers often use bright and pastel colors when creating bedding for young women, and, while these can be ubiquitous, buying a comforter made in darker shades is perfectly acceptable, as well. In fact, you may prefer to use darker shades if the girl is mature or has a serious personality, or earthy, neutral tones if you think she might use the comforter well after she becomes an adult. Those who follow trends might enjoy a funky design and matching of colors, like a zebra print in an unconventional hot pink and green mix.

Many comforters for teenage girls can have added embellishments on them that make them unmistakably feminine. If the recipient has a girly personality, you can choose bedding with accoutrements like lace, embroidery, or ribbon. Keep in mind that comforters with embellishments like these may require special care, and would probably not be practical for a teenager who lives in a dorm and does her own laundry.

Custom comforters can also be available to you if you're looking for something unique. Teenagers often have intense preferences in movies, literature, and music. If you know that the young woman that you're shopping for has a favorite film, book or band, try looking for comforters for teenage girls that bear the images of these things on them. You are more likely to find bedding like this if her interest is well-known or part of popular culture. Specialty shops and mail-order catalogs can have the best selection available for these types of themes.

Apart from the design, the materials from which the comforter are also important to consider. Down comforters are a popular choice for many people, but they may not be best-suited for a teenager, since they must be cared for carefully and could potentially cause allergies. Down-alternative comforters are a great option for those who prefer the texture, but who also want the flexibility of being able to machine-wash the bedding. Cotton alternatives are also available, but tend to be thinner and not as warm as other styles.

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    • A bed with a comforter set on it.
      A bed with a comforter set on it.