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How Do I Choose the Best Comb for Curly Hair?

Christina Edwards
Christina Edwards

A wide tooth comb for curly hair is generally recommended. This should be made from a hard, smooth material. Also, since combs with rough edges can damage hair, these should be avoided. Fingers or a comb should always be used to detangle curly hair. This should be done when the hair is damp and sprayed with leave-in conditioner.

Curly hair is often dry and can become unruly or frizzy when it is detangled improperly. A comb with large teeth is often considered the best type of comb for curly hair. The gap between the teeth should also be wider than other combs. These types of combs will help remove tangles and snarls with the least amount of breakage or other damage.

Man with curly hair.
Man with curly hair.

A comb for curly hair should also be made from a rigid, durable material. Flexible or weak materials may bend or break when trying to comb curly hair. Hard plastic or vulcanized rubber are often the best types of comb materials. These should also be smooth and polished, which will allow the comb to glide through the hair instead of getting snagged.

Some combs may have rough edges, or seams. These seams are typically found on combs that are made from molded plastic. A comb for curly hair should not have these rough seams. They can snag the individual hairs, causing them to break.

Most experts advise against using a brush for curly hair. It is also not recommended to comb curly hair when it is dry. This can damage the hair, making it frizzy and unmanageable.

Woman with curly hair.
Woman with curly hair.

Instead, curly hair should be detangled when it is slightly damp. Many women do this after their showers. After getting out of the shower, the hair can be squeezed or patted dry with a towel. Conditioner should then be applied throughout the hair, especially on the ends. A leave-in conditioner is usually used for this, but a small amount of regular conditioner can also be used.

Before using a comb for curly hair, the hair should first be combed with the fingers. A wide toothed comb can then be used to detangle the hair further. Starting at the ends of the hair and working up, the comb should be used to work any snarls loose. This process should never be hurried, and the hair should never be yanked or pulled.

After curly hair is combed, a styling product can then be applied to the hair. Hairspray or an anti-frizz serum will usually work well to accentuate curls and combat frizz. Also, curly hair should be air dried and never blow dried.

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    • Man with curly hair.
      Man with curly hair.
    • Woman with curly hair.
      Woman with curly hair.