How Do I Choose the Best Coffee Decor?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus
A pewter coffee pot.
A pewter coffee pot.

To choose the best coffee decor, think about the overall style you want for your themed room, usually the kitchen. Some of the decorations and wall art available in a coffee theme are rustic and would suit a country kitchen, while other pieces are in a more elegant French cafe style. Once you've decided on the best coffee decor mood for your home, you can choose both decorative and useful pieces to create the look.

A cup of coffee.
A cup of coffee.

For instance, accessories such as a chalkboard wall made using blackboard paint, in which you can write fun "specials" such as lattes, espressos and baked goods can help create a coffee house atmosphere in your kitchen. This can be decorative as well as useful as you could use the board to make shopping lists and weekly menus. Peel-off wall stickers of coffee cups or other themed motifs can be added to your walls to create fun patterns. There is a wide variety of coffee decor wall stickers available to let your personality shine through in your kitchen.

In addition to coffee themed wall art, in stickers and plaques or pictures, pay attention to the details in your kitchen, as these can really help hold the look together. Cabinet pulls shaped like tiny tea pots or knives, forks and spoons can accent your coffee cafe decor. Light switch plates, kitchen towels and pot holders are also available in many coffee decor motifs from which to choose.

If you want to have a French cafe flavor to your kitchen decor, look for black wrought iron scroll motifs in wall stickers, pictures and more. You may want to add a personal touch to your coffee decor by picking scroll work blank signs that you can fill in with your own words. Placing some baked goods in an attractive glass, footed cake holder and coffee mugs on hooks, a holder or shelves is an easy way to give cafe flavor to your kitchen. Filling and displaying glass canister jars with coffee beans is also a great touch.

Words such as "relax" and "enjoy," either from cut-out, wooden letters or vinyl wall stickers, can be an appealing way to enhance your coffee kitchen decor. Whether you choose an elegant or country style, looking for quality in your coffee decor items is important. Having a cheap-looking coffee theme isn't likely to look attractive. The best coffee themed wall art and accessory pieces appear well-made as well as tasteful, even if they do have a whimsical or rustic style.

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@kylee07drg – You could use a coffee filter as a canvas. My friend flattens filters and draws on them to decorate her coffee themed kitchen.

Sometimes she uses the brown filters, but when she uses the white ones, she actually stains the word “espresso,” “coffee,” or “latte” on them with brewed coffee and a paintbrush. She also has been known to glue coffee beans to the filters to spell out words.

She then uses acrylic paint to make colorful coffee cups on the filters. I've even seen her glue fake Halloween cobwebs to the filters to represent steam.

She attaches the filters to a cardboard circle before she begins. This gives them structure and allows her to hang them on her wall when she's done.


Does anyone have any suggestions for coffee art I can make at home? I'm pretty good at drawing, but when it comes to thinking creatively, I often draw a blank.

I've always had a knack for shading and getting proportions right. I can draw a pretty accurate coffee cup. I'm just looking for something more creative than a drawing on paper or a painting on canvas.

Is there some sort of medium or material I could use that would tie in the drawing with the coffee theme? I would like to make something that really screams of coffee.


I really love the look of cafe décor. There is a cafe in a really old building on my town square, and the inside just looks so antique.

They have old wooden coffee spoons hanging on the walls. They even have fake bags of coffee on the shelves, along with antique coffeemakers that don't even work anymore.

Since I rent my home, I can't go painting on the walls or nailing art to them, but if I could, I think I would have a coffee theme in my kitchen. There's nothing like going to a cafe right after you wake up, and it would be awesome to trick my mind into thinking that my own kitchen was one.


I am obsessed with coffee, so I designed my kitchen with this theme. It all started when I found a wire sculpture at a yard sale.

The black wire was twisted to form several steaming cups of coffee and a large pot of coffee. The steam rose up to form the word “coffee,” and I love how it was all intertwined.

Since then, I have been on the lookout for coffee art and figurines. I have added a small spinning centerpiece on my counter with three fake cups of coffee attached to it and several potholders and dish towels featuring lattes and espressos.

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    • A pewter coffee pot.
      A pewter coffee pot.
    • A cup of coffee.
      By: devulderj
      A cup of coffee.