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How Do I Choose the Best Chinchilla Fur Coat?

Bryce Clinton
Bryce Clinton

When buying a chinchilla fur coat, it's important to know the fur coat style you want, to compare prices, and to ensure you get a perfect fit. To determine which type of coat looks and feels best on you, it might take some research and a combination of online and in-store shopping. It's highly recommended that you visit a retail store or professional furrier to get the right fit. Since chinchilla fur is a big investment, make sure to look into its authenticity and read each detail related to its warranty.

Chinchilla fur is known for its unique softness and striped pattern, but there are many different styles to choose from and several different lengths. Men's and women's chinchilla coats will also have different names for similar cuts ranging from full to half to something even shorter. Depending on your gender, you might be looking for a duster or a stroller, a jacket or a bomber, or a vest instead of a wrap. You might also want accessories like shawls, stoles, muffs, and handbags to mix and match with your chinchilla fur coat.

Chincilla fur is known for its softness.
Chincilla fur is known for its softness.

Some fur coats are only lined with fur on the inside, or they only have fur along the collar or trim. Patterns can vary depending on the region the animal is from, but chinchilla fur usually has a ribbed or striped pattern alternating between dark and light colors. There are also different styles of hems, sleeves, lapels, and fasteners like buckles or buttons, making for many options to choose from. This many options is another reason why it's good to visit a store in person and try different coats on.

Another thing to think about is possibly buying a faux chinchilla fur coat. Faux fur is much less expensive and arguably just as soft, and it can last just as long as genuine fur. Some people choose it for political reasons, but for anyone on a tight budget, it's a good alternative. By the same token, you might consider looking for a used chinchilla fur coat. When properly cared for, used fur coats can be like new, only much less expensive than a new coat.

To get a proper fit and have all your questions answered, it's usually helpful to visit a furrier. You should also make sure your chinchilla is the real deal by asking about authenticity. Inquire about the warranty and caring for your chinchilla fur coat. Furs are easy to ruin when not cared for properly, so follow instructions carefully if you want your investment to last a lifetime.

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    • Chincilla fur is known for its softness.
      By: Vibe Images
      Chincilla fur is known for its softness.