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How do I Choose the Best Cherry Wood Desk?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers

Cherry wood is known for being durable and attractive, which is why buying a cherry wood desk for your office can add a touch of class. Choosing one that will not only look good but also fit in the selected area, accommodate your needs, and match your current decor is crucial. Fortunately, there is a range of cherry wood desks on the market.

If your office space is limited, a cherry wood computer desk that can be positioned comfortably into a corner might be best. This kind typically has a 90° angle that fits well in a corner instead of a flat back that fits against a wall. Some corner desks made of cherry wood have one simple surface on which to place a computer or papers, while others have several shelves stacked above the main surface for easy organization. You should also decide if you need drawers before you buy your cherry wood desk, though many desks allow room for growth with a matching cherry wood hutch that you can buy separately at a later date.

Cherry wood can be light or dark and has a red undertone.
Cherry wood can be light or dark and has a red undertone.

If you have plenty of space and want to fill it with practical, elegant furniture, an executive desk in cherry wood might suit you. Such a desk is typically quite stately, with plenty of space to fit a computer, printer, desk calendar, and more. Most cherry wood desks of this type also have matching furniture available to fill the whole room, from a hutch and filing cabinet to a solid wood bookshelf.

Cherry wood ranges in shade from light to dark. Lighter furniture is typically inviting and can create a casual, comfortable decor. If you want a more formal, elegant feel, a darker cherry wood desk can add professionalism to your office.

One thing to remember is that cherry wood does darken over time. In fact, within a year, a light cherry wood desk can become a rich, reddish brown color. The more it is exposed to light, the darker it will become. When selecting a shade of cherry wood, you may want to choose one that is a little lighter than you prefer so that it can gradually darken over time.

When you shop for a new cherry wood desk, you will likely come across a range of prices, and some might seem too good to be true. This is due to the existence of cherry wood veneer, which is much cheaper than solid wood but is also less durable. If you want the elegance and high shine of cherry wood on a budget, a veneer could be your best bet. If you prefer longer lasting furniture and do not mind spending more on it, a solid cherry wood desk is for you.

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I am decorating and executive office green chairs with bourbon cherry arms and pecan wooden blinds. is that a good match.

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    • Cherry wood can be light or dark and has a red undertone.
      By: ArenaCreative
      Cherry wood can be light or dark and has a red undertone.