How Do I Choose the Best Cheap Microdermabrasion?

Andrea Cross
Andrea Cross
Microdermabrasion can help reduce acne scars.
Microdermabrasion can help reduce acne scars.

Microdermabrasion is a nonsurgical procedure that involves the exfoliation of the top layer of the skin. This process uses crystals to remove dead cells and can help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, and sun damage. It can also help unblock clogged pores and reduce the appearance of acne scarring, resulting in smoother, softer skin. When choosing a cheap microdermabrasion method, you will want to buy one based on your needs.

Scrubs are an alternative to professional microdermabrasion.
Scrubs are an alternative to professional microdermabrasion.

Obviously, you want a product that works, but you also want one that you can afford. Microdermabrasion usually takes more than one session to achieve desirable results, and sessions at salons can therefore become very expensive. For cheap microdermabrasion, it is better to choose a home kit. The results may not be quite as intense as those attained by a professional, but they can still be very good.

You do not want to damage your skin, so when choosing a cheap microdermabrasion kit, it is important to do your research and select a product that has been used by other consumers and gotten good reviews. Do not believe the manufacturer's hype. Full kits, creams, and scrubs are available, all in a number of brands. There is a lot of choice and a wide price range.

Choose a kit based on your needs. If your complexion is basically pretty good and you just want brighten it up, choose a kit that is formulated mainly toward improving the complexion. These formulas are less aggressive on your skin and are a good choice to start with, especially if your skin is sensitive and easily irritated.

If your skin is more oily and prone to clogged pores and blackheads, you will want to choose a pore-targeted kit. Stronger than complexion-focused kits, this cheap microdermabrasion option deep cleans and tightens the pores. It is also excellent for helping to remove black and whiteheads.

The cheap microdermabrasion kits that are focused on evening out skin tone are often the best value for your money. You should choose this type of kit if you want the above results and more. Stronger still, these kits also help to reduce hyperpigmentation, minimize sun and age spots, and correct irregular skin tones. Do a patch test before using these kits, however, just to make sure that they are not too harsh for your skin type.

Finally, if you want the strongest effect you can get out of the salon, choose a kit focused on skin surfacing. The strongest store kit you can buy, these kits significantly resurface the skin and help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, skin blemishes, and acne scars. It is very important to do a patch test if you choose this option as it can be very irritating to some skin types. This kit is also the most expensive. No matter which cheap microdermabrasion product you choose, it is essential that you read and follow the instructions thoroughly.

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There is no reason to spend a lot of money on a microdermabrasion kit if all you want to do is polish and even out your skin.

All you really need to get good results is a facial exfoliating mask with ingredients like crushed nut shells or sugar to polish your skin.


When it comes to a procedure like microdermabrasion, you may not want to get the cheapest available. Whether you are planning to get a microdermabrasion kit for at home use or are going to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon for the procedure, do your homework first to make sure that you are getting a good product that works without harming you.

If you plan to do your own microdermabrasion at home, read the ingredients on the kit to make sure it doesn't have a lot of chemicals or additives. If you are going to a professional, check his or her credentials and references before agreeing to the procedures.

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    • Microdermabrasion can help reduce acne scars.
      By: Budimir Jevtic
      Microdermabrasion can help reduce acne scars.
    • Scrubs are an alternative to professional microdermabrasion.
      By: kubais
      Scrubs are an alternative to professional microdermabrasion.